May 3, 2015

Floyd Mayweather’s son’s written account of when his father beat his mom, Josie Harris. (Adult)

Why do we give a pass to televised heroes, to billion-dollar pay-offs, to humans who beat humans in front of their children—and who threaten their children? Read the above letter, a police report from Floyd’s 10-year-old child…then tell us who won tonight. Domestic violence is a scourge. Awareness and rehabilitation—not further hate—is what’s needed.

It’s a vital issue to children, and adults, and parents, and our culture. And yet…even some of our readers believe domestic abuse should be ignored in the face of such “sport.”

No: compassion, or empathy, or kindness, in this case, is shining a light on such shadows. We all experience aggression, attachment, willful ignorance. Here’s some Buddhist advice on breathing through anger:

Buddhist advice for children who are about to lose their temper + punch someone.

Relephant reads:

The Hidden Costs of Domestic Violence. {Infographic}

Journalists who reported on Floyd Mayweather’s history of domestic violence say credentials for tonight’s fight were revoked. (abcnews.go.com)

Why do we ignore Mayweather’s domestic abuse?(cnn.com)

Ridiculous: Mayweather will be wearing a $25,000 mouthguard for the fight, incorporated with diamond dust, gold flakes, and a $100 bill cut-out (en.wikipedia.org)

boxing mayweather abuse domestic

Tonight, the bad guy won one. But life is the contest worth doing right.

Why do we excuse his domestic violence? Ray Rice did not and should not get such a pass, for example.

This is not a sport. See the video of Floyd’s wife, carried on a stretcher, and his three small children, below.

A reminder: Floyd Mayweather’s son’s written account of when his father beat his mom, Josie Harris. (imgur.com)

“This was in 2010 – Koraun was 10 years old.

Floyd ended up serving approximately two months in jail for this.”

“Looks like all 3 kids will be living with the trauma. this is footage from the guard shack where they run for help. ends with footage of their mom being wheeled away on the stretcher. Look how young that 3rd kid is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXa0GMsyTNE [not embedded: trigger warning]

“On December 21, 2011, a judge sentenced Mayweather to serve 90 days in the county jail for battery upon Harris in September 2010. Mayweather reached a deal with prosecutors in which he pled guilty to misdemeanor battery in exchange for prosecutors dropping the felony battery charge. Mayweather also pled no contest to two counts of misdemeanor harassment, stemming from threats to his children.”

For mindful resources: Domestic Violence articles on elephant journal.




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