May 17, 2015

In Praise of the Ego.


Have you noticed how much we like to knock The Ego? How major spiritual thinkers have it down as the supreme bad guy?

Well, I’d like to challenge that view. I’d like to champion The Ego a bit, argue its case, fight in its corner. I‘m even going to suggest that without it, we could not spiritually make progress. I’ll suggest that rather than being the bad guy, The Ego is in fact the major player in our spiritual expansion. Let me tell you why.

We read in spiritual literature and hear from spiritual speakers and thinkers that the ego is our enemy. We read that it is fear-based, the opposite of all we really are. We read that we have to find it out, discover all its little tricks, recognise when we are identifying with the ego (and believing it) rather than remembering that we are Love.

Let me ask you this: how would expansion happen, how would contrast happen, how would we grow in experience and wisdom, how would we rediscover unconditional love, if it were not for this superbly created and crafted, beautifully responsive and reactive player we call the ego? What would we do? What would challenge or excite us? Where would the adventure and the gift be?

Suppose that the ego is not bad at all. Suppose it is of the same loving energy as everything else that is. Suppose that it is our own creation, and that we create it in the service of All That Is? Suppose that we are always essence flowing in the flow of all that is life itself? And that we adopt a persona—The Ego—to help us to perfect the role we have decided to adopt for the purpose of this lifetime—just as others of our soul family created theirs. Suppose that we all planned how our respective egos would interact to play out the adventures and dramas and joys of this lifetime.

Suppose that the ego is not an enemy at all, but a supreme gift? Suppose that this time/space reality could not function without it? Suppose that it is the perfect foil to the unconditional love that is our true nature, and that only by creating this temporary personality, flawed and with work to do and a psychological and emotional history to go beyond, can we be helped to rediscover who we really are? And that this, and only this, is how the time/space hologram serves as a unique playground for those who choose to incarnate here, eager for expansion and with a sacred purpose which will only gradually be revealed?

I believe we are, indeed, Essence. Source Energy having a human experience. That we have journeyed many lifetimes as the essence we are. We have been male/female, we have manifested as this pure essence we are in different cultures and circumstances and experienced all that life has to offer—the entire range of human emotion, joy and suffering and everything in between. And what makes that possible? The Ego!

I find recognizing this enormously liberating. I like knowing that I am never fixed, never one way, always changing and expanding and experimenting and having fun. I like that I am all experience, and at the same time I am the flow which gives birth to the experience. I like that I am not these thoughts that come and go, that I am not these feelings that I feel happening in my body. That I am rather the quiet compassionate watcher as all this comes and goes. The stillness in the eye of each storm looking on as The Ego plays.

I am in awe at the intricacy and scale of it all, of us and of who I really am. How truly awesome are we?


Author: Janny Juddly

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Hartwig HKD/Flickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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