May 1, 2015

In you, I see me. {Poem}

man woman mirror

You are a mirror to me,

you may be blue, red, white or empty—

there’s a lot of me to see.

You are a mirror to my very core,

you show my pretty face when I am happy

and my injuries when I am sore.

You stand still, so I can see myself with the flaws and all.

There are days I know how to stand up in front of you

and other days I may fall.

You are a mirror just like that,

To me, you may sometimes look round and sometimes flat.

In you, I can see me,

the whole ocean and the whole emptiness as it can be.

There you hang on the wall,

showing my soul—my nudity and more.

I don’t have to break you, you see?

Or change you, when I don’t like the shape my face is being reflected back to me.

I don’t have to crack you, or patch you, so I can look less shitty.

I don’t have to substitute you, so I can lie myself and look more pretty.

I may, instead thank you, for showing me my true face

With all its blemishes and all its grace.


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Author: Ilda Dashi

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Read 3 comments and reply

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