May 21, 2015

You Matter. {Poem}

it Matters.

You Matter.

Mind over Matter.
Your mind Matters.
Matters of the Heart.

it all matters no matter how mad it is.
as mad as the hatter
down the rabbit hole
that is the whole of your thoughts
and your feelings.

sweet feelings—
they matter the most.

share them.
permit them to be words,
that sentence the value of feelings
to an eternity of value.

let them live on.
You live on
when you give on.
Keep giving of
everything you feel,
need, wonder at, create.

Do not fear insignificance—
instead let the
move you to mean more:

mean more to yourself;
mean more for others.

Speak out
and hear back the echo of all that inspires you
vibrating back to every person
that feels inspired by your inspired thoughts—
you conspire with them to move more
and more
and more
thoughts and
and perspectives
to make space

to move in.
Space to pace
back and forth in
knowing no time
is lost
or wasted
but collected and necessary;
worth something.

it matters.
all of it because
You Matter.



She was Done.


Author: Tiffany Anderson

Apprentice Editor: Keeley Milne / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photos: Author’s own.

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