June 24, 2015

A Call to Inhabit our Lives Right Now.


How could life not be painfully beautiful?

It is always slipping away.


Life is sand

And we are desperate hands

And the days are a wicked breeze.

Time-grains drop from our palms

As we stand there callously.


We waste our years

Calling them burdens rather than pearls.

We’re too busy

And overwhelmed and sad and happy

To notice time’s jeweled seconds

Fleeing, always fleeing

From our careless fingertips.


It is secret agony

To be zombies to our own lives

And not even know it.


Listen to your heart’s silenced calls

Suck the opiates of smug complacency

From your bloodstream

And wake up!


Dive boldly into the ocean of limited days

And experience the warm sun

And taste the harsh storms

And watch each grain of time-sand

Dissolve back into a sea of stardust.


Can we become brave enough to witness that bittersweet pain?


Every moment is an invitation

To inhabit our lives.

To open our eyes and see.

To look with our hearts instead.

Can we stay here

Right here.

And remember to









The freedom I Seek.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Darla Hueske

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Read 4 comments and reply

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