June 29, 2015

Rainbow Solidarity: Change is Love.

Ben Kerckx/ Pixabay

Like the rest of the world, I recently noticed a shift in my Facebook bubble news feed.

I can’t tell my friends apart.

Under the veil of rainbows, I have to pause and look at their names to see who is posting that cartoon of the confederate flag going down and the rainbow one going up or a snapshot of last night’s gorgeous violet sunset in northern California.

I absolutely love this inability to discern between people.

We are all the same as each of us is a gorgeous individual.

Love is the root. And we keep hearing that love wins, and it does.

It has won.

Because so many people fought for their rights. And it’s hard, exhausting and terrifying to keep fighting for something that is the undeniable truth, but gatekeepers won’t budge. (I know these feelings of battling firsthand through my on-going struggle to ensure special education for my son with Asperger’s.)

I celebrate all those who have fought through the “no’s” and the “that’s just the way it is” in creating a culture rooted in love over fear. Sure, there will be those who continue to deny (in their minds) that Love is not equal for all under the eyes of marriage, but they are no longer the gatekeepers. Thankfully!

For now, we can scroll through our Facebook news feed and see that the rainbow colors blend all of our unique sweet faces into one rainbow of love.


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Author: Jessie Jade Wright

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Image: Pixabay/Ben Kerckx

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