June 25, 2015

Reminder to “Self.”

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I am not my body. Yoga helps me stay fit and have a beautiful, balanced body, but I now remind myself that it is just a means.

I hereby give up all attachment to the body image that the world has created for me. I treat my body with respect and take care of it, but I hereby refuse to let it govern my identity. The body is the temple. Do not worship the temple, for it will fall apart one day. I am the spirit that the body houses. I hereby choose to just be the consciousness that I really am.

I am not my limiting beliefs. I let go of all that no longer serves a purpose in my life.

Letting go is not bad. It is not loss. It is growing over and up, and disallowing certain things, people, emotions and situations to control how I feel. Therefore, I now let go of all that I cannot control. All that is happening is part of the flow of the universe. I trust the universe fully and place myself in its arms with belongingness. I am just a speck in the flow of things. All those who do not need me, or hurt me whether deliberately or not, are also trying their best, just like I am. I choose to forgive them and send them love and blessings.

I am not my mind. I am the love and kindness that I feel. I refuse to let my mind decide how I live. I accept the non-peace within me. I forgive myself in times past, present and future. I treat my mind, my ego, with compassion and let it play. I decide to be happy right now. Situations or people have no control over me. They are not problems, my mind is the problem. All is a reflection of me and my story. I now decide to take charge of my story and create happy, fulfilled stories for myself.

I am not my ego. I am one with everything around me. I refuse to be stuck in silly attempts of self-flattery and moments of pride. I find happiness and peace when I observe the harmony of everything. I consciously decide to be disconnected through shallow modes of egoism and surface stimulation. I am the deep voice that speaks continuously but is often silenced. I now promise myself to be that voice at all times and I allow myself, without any guilt, to walk away from anything that does not make me happy.


Author: Sanchita Khurana

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Image: Flickr

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