June 30, 2015

She’s Hetero, so I Yearn to Love her like a Man. {Poem}


She fell on my lips like a drop of rain.
I imbibed her,
Without a second thought.
And since then,
I was inebriated by her charm.

She struck upon me like a thunderbolt,
Leaving me burning with desire.
Our lips met.
Like fire and ice.
I melted in her arms
Like salt caramel.
She pleaded for more.

Just a bit more.

Her eyes sparkling, as if diamonds.
Here body shivering like a leaf in the wind.
Her lips mapping every inch of my bare flesh.

We hugged.
We hugged tighter.

As if ready to be one body, one soul.

We kissed.
We kissed hard.


Searching for our breaths within each other.
Tasting the elixir of our lives.

And she wanted more of me.
More than anyone has ever asked before.

She wanted me,
Like the darkness wants the light,
The autumn wants the spring,
The pizza wants the pepperoni.

And just then,
A desperate urge to be a man emerged
Out of the blue.

In my next life
I yearn to be a man.
The man of her dreams.

I wish to love her, like I can’t love her now.
I wish to admire her, the way she deserves.
To care, to treat her right.
Like worshipping a Goddess.

I long to settle for her, with her.
With home, that would be “ours”,
A family, named “Us”.

Certain it will not happen in this life,
Maybe not even in the next million lives, too.

But then again,
Some dreams get embroidered to our souls.

Like the one with her, where
We sleep together.
No intimate moments.
No desires of physical pleasures.

Just sleep together,
Under the same blanket,
On a freezing winter night.

Her head resting on my chest,
My arms around her.
The music of our inhalation,
filling up the room.

We snuggle up, closer. Closer and closer.
And sleep. Just sleep.

With peace embracing our body, heart and soul.
With love as our envelope.

Just she and I.
For each other.

To make art.
To make poems.
To make love.
All for love, with love.


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Author: Ipshita Sengupta

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Xandriss Single Line Artist/Flickr

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Read 6 comments and reply

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