June 25, 2015

To Love a Wild Woman.

Photo credit: Vilidian Vilks (used with permission, for Salvador Alba's blog.)

Wild women are the ones who will make us face our biggest fears—and laugh at them.

A wild woman is strong enough to hold us and carry us, when she knows we need it. Those times when we think we are too weak to accomplish anything, she will push us down into the abyss.

We will fall, screaming all the air out of our lungs, until we realize—we have our own strength, and start to rise.

And once we are high up—soaring in the skies—she’ll know that she can come into our arms, when she needs to let go. For that brief moment, she’ll let us make her our own, and it will be glorious.

It will come out of self and mutual acceptance. It will be pure and sacred, and nothing on this earth will take that moment from either of us.

A wild woman will cause us to emerge, stronger than we’ve ever been before.

She will only let us touch her if we have a pure and worthy heart. And when she does allow it, we must take absolute care of her. Nourish her, caress her—protect her, even from herself—and show her your infinite love.

Loving a wild woman takes courage.

Courage to enter into her darkness—and our own as well—discovering the light that shines within the deepest of our souls and bringing it back.

Once we do this, we discover how vast love can be.  As vast, infinite and undescribable as the universe itself.



How to Love a Wild Woman.


Author: Salvador Alba

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Vilidian Vilks, used with permission.

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