July 8, 2015

A Declaration of Interdependence: Creating Heart CommUnity.


I take a stand for commUnity.

I allow my heart to teach me what commUnity truly means. It means surrounding myself with people I love, who love me, who I want the best for, who want the best for me. Uncon-flippin’-ditionally!

Boundaries both shatter and expand. Arbitrary confines of so-called community based on random geographical proximity, interests, relations, callings, hobbies, professions and shoulds crumble away.

Borders on maps fade on disintegrating, yellowed, brittle paper. Counties of community dissolve. Countries of community dissolve. Systems defining communities based on where the rivers flow, where the county lines land, where the neighborhood streets run become obsolete.

These former demarcations are replaced by the truth-telling of heartstrings. Where do my heartstrings lead? How do they land? How are they held on the other end? Do they sparkle? These heartstrings now define desired commUnity. CommUnity holds those who want to grow together, who want to raise the vibration on
what it means to come together in commUnity. Conscious commUnity.

I redefine. I shapeshift. I create. I give myself permission to step away from naysaying neighbors and former friends who do not actually wish me well, and follow the sparkling lead of heartstrings into vibrantly true commUnity.

I move with an eager smile and a vulnerably open heart towards the faces and spaces that support and feed me, in a dance of reciprocity. I hold the space for any and all who share and practice this vision to dance through life together. Let’s soar the skies as we let heart rise.

I move into and with true heart commUnity, where we lead commUnity energetically by living authentically.



Creating Enlightened Society in Business.


Author: Tracy Stamper

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Flickr/Eric Chan


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Read 7 comments and reply

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