July 14, 2015

Dear Self, I Promise to be There for You. {Poem}


Dearest self, I know we’ve had a rocky, f*cked up relationship.

I’m sorry.

I’ve abused you. Starved you. Abandoned you. Criticized you mercilessly. Put you in situations that were downright dangerous.

It hasn’t been pretty.

I’m down on my knees, asking boldly for your forgiveness.

But I know you need more than an apology.

So today, I look you straight in the eyes and say, “I promise to be there for you.”

I offer you this love note as a radical act of self-compassion.

Please, accept it, with wide open arms.

Let its intensity shock you.

Let its softness comfort you.

Refer to these powerful vows, often and always.

Because life isn’t always perfect and peachy—but I’m ready to be there for you through the exciting ups and despairing downs and mediocre middles.

I promise.

I will be there when you’re crying in loud sobs, heartbroken over harsh, stinging words.

I will be there when you’re sick and pale, shaking and sweaty, with a fever of 104 degrees.

I will be there when you’re happy, a silly smile stamped across your beaming face.

I will be there when you succeed.

I will be there when you fail.

I will be there when you’re lonely and feel like you haven’t got a friend anywhere.

I will be there when you’re panicked, scared and lost, curled up in a little ball on the bathroom floor.

I will be there, without question, without judgement, without blame.


I will wrap my arms around you daily, keeping you warm and safe and nurtured.

I will refrain from cruel criticisms and support you, unwaveringly.

You are not alone.

Not anymore.

Self, I am learning to love you with reckless compassion.

So I seal this note with a tender kiss and a pinch of magic.

I promise to be there for you.

Not because I have to.

But because I want nothing more

Than to bravely and gently show up for you.





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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photos: Flickr

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Read 7 comments and reply

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