July 7, 2015

How to Seduce & Love a Scorpio.

If you’re going to embark on a romantic entanglement with a Scorpio, you might as well know what you’re getting into from the start.

This is going to be a wild ride with a wild child—a mysterious, powerful, sexually charged relationship that you may not leave unscathed, if you’re ever released from it at all.

Scorpio is in charge, and while you may be lulled into a pleasurable illusion that you’ve got your Scorpio lover under control, you have accomplished no such thing. That’s just their way of keeping you purring while they mastermind their own destiny with you as their much needed companion.

Who is this person that has bewitched you from the tumultuous start?

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac under Pluto, representing sex, death and re-birth. That’s right, they’ve got you coming and going and everything in between.

They may be hot and ruled by their sexual organs, but they run deeper than the coldest river, with keen spiritual gifts and a distinct drive for accomplishing their life goals.

All that sweet, seduction they employed to wrap you in their web is really a cover-up for a much misunderstood personal force field.

Just like Pluto, which causes irregularities in the orbits of nearby planets, a Scorpio will change your course and make you think you wanted to go there anyway. And you will go, because a Scorpio, at their core, is sweet and giving, truly craving deep connections.

Dragging you to their lair to cover you with passionate kisses is one of those things they delight in doing, whether you start out wanting it or not, is not their concern, you will soon become an addict of their ardor.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, emotional, sensitive, vulnerable and as such, a fierce opponent. If a Scorpio has given you her heart, it will stay given, unless you deserve to be deleted from her life—which will happen swiftly and irrevocably. But don’t worry, on the other side of that, a Scorpio can be incredibly soft hearted toward even her worst enemy and forgiveness is first—a deadly sting last.

This sign would rather sting itself to death than have someone else rule them or give up control and this is a word to the wise. There is nothing worse than a disillusioned Scorpio, if they’re miserable, you’ll be miserable. So give them space to steer their own ship, or they will destroy themselves and everyone around them.

It’s not that they won’t cooperate with you, or follow you to your dreams, but if it is not part of their destiny as well, in the end, they will walk away to find themselves again. With sadness, yes, with regret for having hurt you, yes, but they will walk away.

Unlike any other healthy relationship, life and love with a Scorpio is about respecting both party’s boundaries.
Scorpio will be turned off by a lover who is not strong in their own way. They might fight you, try to sway you but if you capitulate too many times they will lose respect. Honest conversations from the outset are best.

You can be sure that the powerful feeling of love will create vulnerability in a Scorpio. Reticent to reveal their deepest held secrets (of which their emotions are one) a Scorpio hides things from their lover to avoid being hurt. There are things they won’t even tell themselves, so don’t think that you’ll be privy to all.

And they’re not going to feel bad about this secrecy, it’s simply a method of self-preservation. If you know nothing, you can use nothing against them. That’s the reasoning and you’re not likely to change them.

If you’re adventurous and into taking chances, try on your beloved Scorpio. Betray her and take cover. It’s not going to be pretty. Scorpio, when cool and detached, is not decompressing, she is awaiting an opportune moment to strike while you mistakenly think the storm has passed.

Immediately afterward, your lover will mourn her decision to use her stinger and wish to create bridges. Unless of course it was the last chance she has allotted you.

More than anything, Scorpio wants deep intimacy. She or he has intense affection for anyone who shows them their true heart—by that I mean the most real part of you that you have to offer. Such openness drives a Scorpio to great devotion, they will do anything for you including sacrifice themselves if they know that you are as transparent as they are secretive.

But you must not let them sacrifice themselves, for the wasted life of a Scorpio is a great loss to the consciousness. A Scorpio is attuned to the spirit world and brings great insights from the other side to this dimension. They will feed you manna from heaven if you set them free to grow into their greatest potential.

A Scorpio will enchant you, devour you, possess you in many ways and demand you wickedly seduce her.

A Scorpio likes to explore their lover and asks for the same. They are not afraid of the darker sexual acts, in fact, they are intrigued and drawn to a sense of magic in their lovemaking. Take your time with her in bed and you will be rewarded.

Sex to a Scorpio is serious business. They don’t take any of it lightly, from discovering everything that you are, to offering you what you need, to taking great care at making a night in bed with her something you will remember.

Other times, you will be asked to drop everything you are doing and attend to their sexual fantasies at a moment’s notice.

Be prepared for intensity. Be prepared for nails, teeth, loud expressions of ecstasy and explosive orgasms. Even a quickie is important to a Scorpio.

If a Scorpio trusts you, their body will be your domain, and they will fully expect you to use your power over them, in fact, they need to be taken.

A Scorpio will demand that your nights are free for eroticism. Too many refusals will only frustrate their innate need for sexual contact and their love will wane. This is because a Scorpio’s love is grown with every touch, it’s the air they breathe.

That physical connection will erase many hurts in a Scorpio’s mind and seal you to them.

A list for the Scorpio aficionado:

Give them space to be themselves and take control of their life path.

Show them that you are trustworthy and expect the same from them.

Appreciate their sense of humor and need to be good company.

Reward their loyalty with yours.

Scorpios are drawn to intellect and charming/magnetic personalities.

Understand their need for secrecy and privacy.

Indulge their need for erotica and physical contact. Get your kink on, let your own wild side out.

Be aware that they may sting you even when they know it’s in everyone’s worst interest.

Don’t thwart their genuine apology if one comes. There may never be another one if you do.

Words of affection can never be too many, but they must be genuine.

Scorpio will distrust you if they smell any kind of game and become cool.

Be honest about your needs, state your intentions in life. Pretending you’re on Scorpio’s plan then showing true colors later will confuse Scorpio and leave them despondent.

Scorpio needs to be emotionally connected to everything and that includes you. If you withdraw, they will withdraw and become intensely unsatisfied. While charming most times, a thwarted Scorpio can be cold and revengeful

Be all in. Scorpio will be all in and then some.

Be patient when Scorpio is silent. When they feel safe, you will know their hurts. But nothing will be forthcoming until they are ready. Words for a Scorpio are closely tied to their spiritual selves. If they say nothing it is because they can’t. Just accept it.

Accept Scorpios connections to the mystical and spiritual. They may say strange things that leave you on the edge of wondering if you lover is insane, but they walk on both sides of this world and the Other Side. Scorpio is a mystery and is best left to its mysterious devices.

When a Scorpio is living out their life path, they are at their best. Walk it with them if you can, if not, enjoy their friendship, to a Scorpio, friends need not be many but they love the ones they have.

One of the most powerful sign in the zodiac, Scorpio either brings out the best or worst in others. I should know.

I am one and plan on being one again in the next lifetime.

Three of the most difficult signs in the Zodiac for a Scorpio are Leo, Gemini (just walk away) and Aquarius.

My Leo lover is my best friend and has taught me many things about myself, one of which is that to be the best me, I must follow my heart no matter what and he gives me the space to do so.

His seduction and love for me is a rock I lean on every day, for I am not easy to love.

And yet, he stays, the loyal Lion who has tamed my unruly Scorpio nature. Somewhat. He thinks.

On a non-romantic level, my two daughters are Gemini and Aquarius. I have learned a lot about myself from our relationships and we are fiercely close.

I can see how being blessed with a Leo, a Gemini and an Aquarian has been a bit of Universal humor. I have had to adjust my need to have everything my way and learn to trust, open up emotionally and live less inside my own reality.

What I have written about Scorpio comes from my own experience and from knowing and loving other Scorpio friends.

We do laugh at ourselves, we do. Otherwise we’d be swallowed up by our own intensity. This is what I have learned about what works and does not work for a Scorpio in love.

May it be of benefit.


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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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