July 10, 2015

I am Here For Love.

woman love hearts blowing kisses

I’m not here to analyze or scrutinize.

I will not spend my time on this earth clinging to things that are just out of reach.
I’m not here to change you, or ask of you things you could never give me.
I will not waste my precious time on expectations,
Not from you and certainly not from myself.
I will not be sad or worry or need anything that I myself can not provide.
I am here for love.
To fall,
Again and again and again,
I am here to get lost in eyes so magical I can hardly look away,
I am here for those unspoken embraces that happen long before we ever touch.
I am here for the anticipation,
I am here to dance with him.
In meadows and on rooftops, in candlelight and parking lots,
I am here to find love in the most remarkable of places, as well as the most mundane.
I am here for unexpected love, old love, passionate love, silly love and new love,
Each one integral to my human experience.
I am here to learn the lessons each and every love has to teach me.
I am here to understand that love is so much bigger than any one person could possibly
contain or attempt to hold on to.
When love shows up on my doorstep, I will welcome it in every time with a hug and a smile.
I will always be glad to see it.
If I love you, I will marry you in a heartbeat—maybe even every morning with flowers in my hair.
I will open my soul to you and lay bare all that I am.
My heart will open and love will pour from me like a fountain.
Each time I have loved, it has been complete and true.
I will always give you everything in that moment.
I’m here to walk away when necessary, but always with fondness and a smile.
I am here so I can always feel you, because I know that you can feel me.
Through birth and destruction, every single love has formed me into the person I am.
I am grateful,
I am here for love.
Under the snuggliest of blankets.
Beneath the brightest of stars.



There is a Love Beside Love. {Poem}


Author: Windy Mehder

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Sibel

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Read 2 comments and reply

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