July 9, 2015

I Believe in Not Enough, Yet Everything at Once. {Poem}


I believe in the universe

I believe in the stars, the galaxies of worlds no spaceship has yet had the opportunity to explore. That the sun is a star and we are made of the fire and ash of those stars rocketing down to earth in cosmic meteor showers in the stillness of the midnight hours

I believe that god’s name is really Gaia and that we are made of the ocean salt and the rain soaked soil, that our souls share secrets with the mountain wind

That everything is poetry and art can heal our hearts

That we have to break a little each day to be filled with something unbreakable

Music speaks to our long forgotten former selves, the ones that crashed into these bodies when our spirits were looking for someplace warm to thrive in, music sings to the fragile nerve endings that tether us root-like to marrow and tendon and calcium bone

I believe in wishes on those shooting stars, on those wisps of cloud cotton others mistake for dandelion weeds

I still believe in magic. I think I can cast spells with my words and that I can create potions with that glitter that’s really pixie dust. I believe in the spark waiting to ignite in the eyes of every child

I believe in life after death, that the soul does not die stagnant, you will be reconnected again, you will recognize the soul you once knew in the droplets of morning dew, in the wings of butterflies, in the smile of a stranger

I believe dreams are prophecies, that this universe is full of signs to help you find your way, that Karma is a bad bitch you ought to pay some mind to

I believe that however small humanity may turn out to be in this vast world, still so completely undiscovered, that we are far more than just some alien experiment failing on this broken planet

Call me Pandora but I’m still waiting for hope to fly out of the box of our sins, we are made of energies we have forgotten how to tap into, we are capable of so much more

We are the stardust shooting off like fireworks in July; I believe we can soar that high

We are the onion hearts peeling back layers of flesh to find the pearl

I believe we are made of drumbeat thunder and lightning rain

Wild stanzas crying out a howling refrain

I believe in the beauty that lies in mankind’s pain

We can turn over a summer leaf to autumnal hues of red and tangerine

We are star children

We are the wild, the werewolves in snow running at full speed, our haunches taut shedding this constricting skin for a pelt we feel freer in, shredding the sound barrier in a language that needs not words to commune with the man in the moon

I believe we are made of earth and back to earth we shall return

But my beliefs are not the same ones your religions made you learn

You say I don’t believe in god enough

I tell you,

You’re restricted to your narrow thoughts:

I believe in everything at once.


Author: Alise Versella

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Image: Flickr

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