July 20, 2015

If I Could Share in Words. {Spoken Word Video}

If I Could Share from Loren Edward Wheeler on Vimeo.

If I could share in words the joy of learning…

Of learning music and dancing,
The brain-nourishing conundrums,
The broadened horizons of being.

Of concentrating the mind,
Of playing and being played,
Playing and being played—
By the music.

In the music the musician disappears.

When the dancer appears the dance is revealed.

We breathe yet are also being breathed.

We strum yet are also strummed.

Indistinguishable, inseparable,
The instrument and the muse.

Dancer, dance where does one end and the other begin?
Enter here and you will cease.

There is a development that is seeking us—
Just as the tree calls itself from the seed,
There is a grand something
Calling your consciousness to unfurl.

Calling from within our within
To the center of the stars
With the mind on the
All All unfolds into One
By the beating of the drum,
Inside the songs we have sung—

Forever we have been,
Forever we become.





Author: J.R. Jayananda

Editor: Renée P.

Videography by Loren Edward Wheeler

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