July 8, 2015

Let Us Rise.

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There are all kinds of ways to interpret this word but if the mystical and religious implications were removed, we could look at it via the core of our being.

Physically and mentally, this can simply translate to which can simply mean: To rise above.

The dictionary defines ‘ascension’ as:

Enlightenment (spiritual), including:

Ascended master, in Ascended Master Teachings a spiritually enlightened being who in past incarnations was an ordinary human, but who has undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations

In some New Age teachings the spiritual transformation of the Earth

Or –

ascension |əˈsenSHən|

noun [ in sing. ]

the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

Ascension (mystical): the belief in some religions that there are certain rare individuals that have ascended into Heaven directly without dying first.

We face so much toxicity and drama in our daily lives it is a wonder that we can hold our head up above water and not drown in the negativity.

This is where rising above it all can be our salvation—not to say we bury our heads in the non-existence of the things that plague our experience, but to go beyond the surface of the garbage, step over the crap, and actually see the origin of the mess.

This a more logical and human way to get to ascension.

The minute we dissect the genesis of malice—ill will, crappy energy etc.—is the minute we can hold compassion for it all. Again, this isn’t to say we accept poor behavior or condone it, it is just an understanding that it is alive and when we acknowledge a living thing with love, (the good, bad and the ugly) we rise.

It is no secret that climbing uses a lot of physical and mental strength, and to get “higher” (without drugs or a ladder) we may have to stumble and fall head-long into the dark abyss to appreciate the effort.

But there is a beautiful thing about ascending into darkness: the dark is a place to rest our weary heads and the ego/mind.

It keeps us humble and puts us an even keel with reality.

It is also another path to help us get bigger than the poison we are surrounded with, so we can walk up the road into ascension.

It is hard to fathom a life without some sort of inner-mountain to conquer—after all the only way to grow is to gain height. I think this is logic everyone can relate to yet to get there, is quite another story.

It is your story, my story and although they will differ, our end goal of ascension can look like this: Getting out of a lower vibration, leaving the trivial behind or below and riding the rising tide to betterment.

It is a lot easier descending than it is to ascend so rise to your every occasion (and encourage others to do the same) is a challenge, yet can you imagine a world where ascension isn’t attached to the mystics or religion, but simply a kinder, more caring, way to be?

I can.

Let us rise to it all.





Author: Debbie Laughlin

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr/Mateus Lunardi Dutra 

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