July 28, 2015

Prescription for Life After Cancer: 10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself.

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You’d think once you’ve heard those wonderful words “You’re cancer-free. We got it all,” or “You’re in remission,” life would be just peachy.

Instead, it can be a confusing and uncertain time.

After my husband beat Stage IV cancer, we asked his doctors, “What can we do at home to support Jim’s healing?” The answer? “Just live life.”

Just live life? Hmm, you mean the one that may have contributed to his diagnosis to begin with?

Author Kris Carr has said, “Cancer is our teacher,” and it taught me not to sit idly by and become a victim of it once again. If Jim’s cancer was going to return, as the doctors warned us it would, it wasn’t going to be without us doing everything we could to keep him cancer-free. Treatment was over and there were no after cancer doctors telling us what to do. It was time for us to write our own prescription for healthy living.

In 1999, there wasn’t much holistic information out there. There was no Facebook for support and few blogs about cancer to read. Luckily we found a book called “A Cancer Battle Plan.” This was the book that helped us the most.

Thankfully times have changed and there are many resources available. I’m happy to say that it’s been over 15 years and Jim has remained cancer-free.

If you or a loved one has overcome cancer, there’s a lot you can do to prevent it from returning. There’s a physical, emotional and spiritual component to cancer. If you take care of yourself from all angles, you’ll enjoy a beautiful life.

If you’re ready to write your prescription for life after cancer, begin here:

10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stay Cancer-Free and Enjoy Life:

1. Do the people in your life inspire you or tire you?

Cancer takes a whipping on your physical and emotional body. Protect yourself by only hanging out with people who lift you up.

2. What are you eating to extend your life?

Food is life-force energy. Since cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment, reduce acidic forming foods like coffee, sugar, alcohol, meat and dairy. Choose alkaline foods like legumes, nuts, sprouts, greens and fruits, which fill your cells with oxygen. Consume organic, non-GMO food whenever possible.

3. Can you upgrade your water?

Upgrading your water is the easiest way to feel better. Although bottled water sounds great, plastic litters the planet and leaches unhealthy chemicals into the blood stream. Try a filtered, alkaline water system at home.

4. What are you putting on your skin?

Be mindful of everything that touches your body: sunscreen, lotion, makeup. Download the Skin Deep app by EWG to scan the products you use. Shoot for a rating of 0–2.

5. Do you wake up each day with a grateful heart?

Every morning focus on the blessings in your life. Realize how much greatness you have.

6. What are you doing to minimize stress?

Cancer is a wake-up call to take a chill pill. Do what you can to unwind each day. Allow yourself one day of the week to do nothing.

7. Are you affirming positive or fearful thoughts in your mind?

Fear is a trippy place to live in. Worrying causes stress, and stress causes dis-ease. Focus on the good stuff.

8. Look around your physical space. What feels stale?

If something doesn’t match the vibration of feeling good, I give you permission to throw it out. Everything is energy. If the objects in your home do not reflect your new, happy life, get rid of it. You’ll feel so much lighter.

9. Have you ditched your toxic household cleaners?

Grandma was right. Cleaning the kitchen with vinegar, baking soda and lemon is all you need.

10. Whom do you need to forgive?

This is a biggie. Being tangled up in anger only drains your soul. Your body needs peace and serenity now. If someone hurt you (even if it’s yourself), work on letting it go. Talk to a coach. Do whatever you need to just let go.

I know how stressful it is on the whole family when someone you love is dealing with cancer. When the storm subsides, having a prescription for life after cancer that the entire family can follow will be your savior.

Do the things you love. With those you love. Life is practice.


Author: Suzanne Foglio

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Image: Flickr

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