July 23, 2015

Say this Next time you Look into a Mirror.


I made a vow to keep my promises. They matter.

I promised myself I would. There are hundreds of other things I need to do—laundry, dishes, lunches, even scrub toilets.

Groan. Do I have to do this?


Dragging my feet, I moved closer. Turn a corner, take a few more steps. Deep breath. Another deep breath for good measure. Reluctantly, I raised my eyes.

I glanced at myself in the mirror, and then looked away. I took a deep breath, met my own eyes and really looked.

I think people do the same with mirrors: look quickly, not too deeply. Are we scared of what we would see? What we would think? Feel? Would we see and hear ourselves, our heartbeat, our soul talking? Or would we hear the crush of 24/7 society, culture and static of unattainable standards?

I took a resolute breath. I held my eyes in the mirror and this is what I said (out loud):

You are beautiful.

Not because of your hair.

Not because of what you wear.

It’s not your tits.

It’s not your zits.

It’s not your eyes,

And not your thighs.

It’s not about fat or thin.

Nor about dressed or naked skin.

Forget about heels, wedges and flats,
Unadorned skin or blazoned with piercings and tats.

It’s the glow from within
That lights your skin.

Look deep and you will find peace and grace
Residing in your sacred space.

Stand tall and look deep,
Your soul is what will keep.

You are beautiful.

I will remind you again tomorrow.

Why do the words “You are beautiful” trip so lightly off the tongue when said to another?

Saying these words to ourselves and truly owning them is vulnerability in action, and it’s worth it.

Because looking deeply matters, and you are beautiful.


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Author: Tammy Korade

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Zeurichs Strassen/Flickr

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