July 3, 2015

She is a Butterfly.


She is not ordinary.

She believes that dreams are reality and that reality is a dream.

She thirsts to explore starry realms and shimmering moonbeams that are nothing short of jaw-dropping and magical, because she is nothing short of jaw-dropping and magical.

She flits from luscious flower to luscious flower, happily springing forward, knowing in her heart when it’s time to let go and move on.

She is a butterfly.

She can stop wars with the radiating kindness of her fluttering gaze.

And send cities up in flames of inspiration with the smallest sway of her hips.

And sprinkle sweetness into struggling hearts, soothing stinging tears in three seconds flat.

She is a butterfly.

Always ready to break open and bleed and be born again, she kisses transformation on the lips daily.

She peels off layer after layer, becoming stronger, becoming more herself.

She walks into the flames of the ugliest, most painful struggles and sprouts the most beautiful wings.

And soars.

She never forgets she can soar.

She is a butterfly.

Unable to sit still, she spins and twirls in time with the universe’s fast-paced heartbeat.

She is an enigma, a gossamer whisper, impossible to cage or contain because her spirit is born for the wild seas of freedom.

She lives in silver linings, warm breezes, swaying trees and tall fields of grass, chasing starry dreams in the twinkling night sky as crickets chirp her ethereal theme song.

She is a butterfly.

She is gently courageous.

And raw.

And dangerously inspiring.

Don’t look at her too long,

For she is already




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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Shutterstock

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Read 2 comments and reply

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