July 31, 2015

The Balance of Perception: A Neutral Space for Love.

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Mature understanding is that love comes from a neutral space. Nature itself is transpersonal, it does not judge, nor does it have any inherent prejudices.

All of life dances in creation in perfect harmony with all things seen and unseen, visible and invisible, physical and spiritual, effable and ineffable.

The nature of reality has been described in the Tao, the all-knowing balance between all things. Nature as a formation of winter, spring, summer, autumn; yin and yang dancing and disappearing within themselves, is Tao itself.

There can never be winter without summer, death without life, black without white, night without day, darkness without lightness, sadness without happiness.

Harmony is the essence of life itself. When there is a change in the constituents, there must be a concomitant adjustment in the related parts. Hence, a change in equilibrium forces equilibrium or balance to assert itself. When off-balance, the system naturally rights itself to achieve balance.

When the differential variables in the system change, the integral factors at play will always move toward restoring stability. On a personal level, the same is true of human beings. When a tsunami causes devastation in its wake, there is always a subsequent attempt to create harmony. Life returns to natural order. Nature is inherently neutral, loving and without judgement.

We are all part of an infinite source without boundary, yet we define the world within our own version of reality, our own bubble of certainty, reason, and even experience. It’s hard to let go of being hurt and other people’s judgements as well as our own. Sometimes it’s natural to feel broken. Fear lies in the deepest recesses of the human heart.

Every experience holds a neutral charge from the perspective of Universal Mind, whether one believes in a type of universal creator, omnipotent being, or merely quantum energy phenomenon. I am not speaking here from the perspective of a religious personal God. According to the Bible, God literally got angry and jealous. This is an old concept of a Hebrew God, an outdated idea.

Neutrality is a most important understanding about the nature of life. That the universe is in an eternal state of balance or equilibrium is self-evident. Using this universal concept, we may extrapolate it further for personal use in healing and transformation in finding a neutral scope for understanding the power of love.

Events like murder, torture, rape and terrorism, carry a negative charge of fear within the human energy field. How can we interpret and understand these events from a universal context or neutral mind?

The Buddha taught that, “Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.”

We tend to paint our experiences as good or bad. Reframing them with a neutral understanding, is the approach of wisdom.

A wise person knows that all events have negative and positive traits, and all of life is seasonal, ever-changing. Euphoria will be replaced by depression if not balanced by realism. The drug addict is searching for endless “highs” and suffering through the unavoidable “lows.” Mostly, this type of addiction leads to crime and often early death. The exhilarating high of an amphetamine rush is always and inexorably followed by the little death of rebalancing.

An abuser is playing a game with his victim, and the victim is dancing along in tune. Naturally, I am talking on a sub-conscious level, as few would choose consciously to be victims. However the drama plays out, both parties will go through some level of catharsis, the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from strong or repressed emotions. On a soul level, all experiences (however difficult) are chosen for our learning.

The word catharsis comes from the Greek katharos, meaning “pure.” Aristotle wrote of this notion of releasing in his classic work “Poetics.”

Each experience is interpreted as a feeling, a felt sense, yet there is always a purity beyond any range of emotions. The field self-corrects, is harmonious and is profound beyond rational understanding.

Carl Jung taught about the universality of all experience and archetypal roots. I love his teaching: “We meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.”

We are meeting ourselves because we all share common traits as human beings. We all experience suffering as human beings. We are all born and will all die. We are never strangers, never isolated, never alone. It is our very “human-ness” that makes us equals.

The reality of the all-conscious field we inhabit, is that it operates consistently from a space on non-judgment neutrality. It is in a constant state of equilibrium, and it will always return to equilibrium. If we see our life through this lens, it’s a helpful metaphor for perceiving suffering and the distress caused by change.

All natural processes teach balance. The world functions from a self-correcting, unconditionally loving space.

In creating a neutral space for consciousness and understanding, wisdom naturally arises, and we become avatars of our lives. This is an experience of “coming home” to a our true nature.

The word, avatar is of Sanskrit derivation. Here I use it to denote a manifestation of the Divine in bodily form, a deity alive walking the path of Godliness.

Welcome home, avatars.


Author: David G. Arenson

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Zach Dischner/Flickr

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