July 21, 2015

What I Really Want My Life to be Like. {Poem}


I want the warmth of the sun

to gently wake me

and the sound of the waves

to rock me asleep


I want to drink tea, write and read

before the rest of the world wakes

and allow the universal orchestra

to have me


I want to walk to work

and replace the word work

with play


I want to be surrounded by the jungle

and soak in the wisdom of the trees


I want to pick fruit and herbs

steps from my home

and share the bounty

with my neighbors


I want to live in a place

where busyness is not glorified,

where what we spend most of our time with

does not have a screen


I want to move slowly and sweetly

like moving through honey,

I want to continue to shake of the dust

that we pick up along the way


I want to feel alive

truly alive,

instead of continuously feeling like

I’m simply coping




but not least,

I want you.


I want to laugh and cry

and co-create our dreams


I want communication

beyond words

and touch

beyond description


I want to make love underneath the stars

and follow the cycles of the moon


I want to reminisce on the time we’ve spent apart

and bask in gratitude that we’ve found our way

back home



I want depth and intricacy

yet passionate simplicity.


This is what I really want

My life to be like


And I want to share this all

with you.


Author: Alexa Torontow

Editor: Caroline Beaton 

Image: Author’s own 


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