July 27, 2015

You Want Me In the Morning, I Want You at Night. {Poem, Adult}

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I’m still dreaming when you press your warmth against me

“I’ve missed you”
You breathe…
“I want your sexy little body against mine”

You pull me closer against the hardness of your chest.

You know what a woman wants to hear

I smile at the love in your voice

We’re playing a game of cat and mouse
And you’re deadly serious—
You always get what you want.

One hand placed possessively on my breast
Your fingers trail to my nipple and you squeeze, hard
Oh how you know what will unravel me
And make me yearn for what you’ve got

Softly you growl into my neck
I push back
Your hand around my throat
My leg quivering under your light touch

You circle me like the lion that you are
Until the Scorpio in me has no choice but to bite

Oh! How you love my bite

This dance that we’ve mastered is nothing short of sin
We’re artists who are clever at their craft
The rising sun bears witness to your lust
One more practiced move and I’m shuddering in your embrace

Later, I greet you as you drop your briefcase to the floor
A little bit shy

Will I never get over being knocked out by your smile?

I tease you
I play you like a favorite violin
My smile suggestive
Hungry for the darkness in your soul.

I follow you to the bedroom
Your energy like a vice
None of this morning’s softness has survived
I am shaken and captured by your sensuous, intelligent mind
Your face so stern, your eyes watching mine
I am melting into you, rescue me from my desire!

Some days you let me seduce you until the evening turns to night
Some days you keep me waiting
Leave me begging on my knees

Tonight you throw your shirt in a crumple to the floor
Your belt unbuckled just so
You watch me…my lips part
It’s all the invitation you ever need
I hear the deep rumble in your chest as you catch me by my wrist—

I dare not protest.

You turn me around, press your hand to my sex

I want you at night…





How to Satisfy her, Soul Deep. {Adult}




Author: Monika Carless 

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Deviant Art 

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