August 28, 2015

25 Signs you are Destined for Self-Employment.


Most humans trudge through the existential crisis revolving around the question, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”

To discover a possible answer to your inquiry, read through the following clues to see whether or not you may actually be destined for self-employment.

1. You Are an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.
The people that fall under these Zodiac signs are found to be resilient action-takers. Maybe you were born to be an entrepreneur.

2. You Don’t Really Care About Zodiac Signs.
You don’t like people telling you what you were born to do. “I can be whoever I want,” is often your thought. What could you be doing instead of worrying about a horoscope?

3. You Stay Awake Thinking of the Future.
Because thinking of the past is a waste of time. Why think, “I would have changed…” when you can think. “I will change…?” Successful entrepreneurs are more worried about the future than the past.

4. You Like playing Monopoly.
You enjoy stacking and counting all that colorful money. You dream of the day when you will actually own rentable assets with real payout.

5. But you Hate Playing The Game of Life.
Go to college or get a nine to five job? Limited career choices? Where’s the path for the self-employed that goes straight to early comfortable retirement?

6. You Work Out.
Physical shape is a good indicator of mental strength. If you have enough discipline to get your body in peak condition, then you have enough discipline to start and run a business. You also know that a weak immune system will put you on the couch and wastes time.

7. Conspiracy Theories Make You Think.
Instead of brushing away conspiracy theories immediately as idiocy, you stop and think “What if..?” It’s the “question authority” bone in your body that makes you wonder how corrupt authority really is. Even if it isn’t, you desire to be your own authority, so you can worry less.

8. You are a Provider, Not a Thief.
You know you want money, but in order to sleep at night you will need to provide a service to receive that money.

9. You View the Rich in a Different Light.
This comes from how you view rich people. Your role model for a rich individual is not someone who takes money from people, but someone who provides and receives money in return.

10. You Have Asked, “Why am I Learning This?”
In school, you sat in class and wondered what application the information could possibly have to real life. You also wondered things like, “How much of this history I am learning is actually true?”

11. But Not About Math or Chemistry.
Math and Chemistry are two subjects that have visible results. You like visible results. Whether you were good at them or not, you appreciated that math and chemistry were teaching you a way of learning and thinking. It wasn’t all memorization, but practice. Business takes implementation.

12. Politics Does Not Interest You.
Picking a new figure to have authority over me? No thanks. You just want to live in peace. You want your life to be interesting enough where you never have to think about politics. That is, unless your online/small business idea is political.

13. Until They Bring Up Taxes.
You worked hard for that money and would rather not give it to the government. You have a secret stash of untracked cash buried somewhere. Shhh! If you do vote, the future of your money is most important.

14. You Are a Supporter of Small Business.
You appreciate that someone is out there working his or her a$$ off to provide a service and you would rather support them than a large corporation.

15. You See Problems.
You sit in a restaurant and think, “The service would be faster if…” You see the archaic processes of the world while most people simply accept them.

16. Then Think of Solutions.
You love to think of solutions to problems: inventions that could revolutionize some big or small functionality. Why not try to implement?

17. “Solitude” not “Loneliness.”
You are optimistic!

“Language has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone.” ~ Paul Tillich

18. You Become Easily Obsessed.
You aren’t like the obsessive ex-girlfriend meme, but when you have something exciting in your life you stay up late thinking about how great it’s going to be and do your best to make it the best. Obsession creates legendary work.

19. But Not By Your Nine to Five.
Ugh. Just thinking about your nine to five again made you tired. There is an income/performance ceiling and if you were to get obsessed it wouldn’t be worth it.

20. You Hate Small Towns.
In a small town, you feel like you are trapped in a dome. There is little success around you so you stop seeing success as a necessity. You need to surround yourself with people who think the way you want to think. Incubators. Small towns just don’t satisfy your thirst.

21. You Know You Deserve Nothing.
You have never felt like you should be handed a thing. Your favorite kind of reward is the kind you’ve worked for. Handouts just aren’t satisfying.

22. You Make Your Own Deadlines.
Deadlines help you produce, because you produce well under pressure but ONLY when you make those deadlines for yourself. You are okay with disappointing a boss, but have a bigger problem disappointing yourself.

23. Dependence Disgusts You.
The idea that you rely on someone else too much makes you sick. You enjoy the company of others, but only when you have figured yourself out first. This creates the self-confidence and sense of self-worth you need to become a business leader.

24. You Don’t Desire a Work-Life Balance.
You never desire to balance work and life because you desire for work to be your life. If you love what you do you never have to balance work and life. They will come together beautifully once you find your purpose.

25. You are an Over Achiever When it Comes to the Things You Love.
You take what you love and you over-fulfill expectations every time. I love to write. I edited this list down from 75 signs.

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