August 25, 2015

Calling all Mystics—Under the Perigee Moon: August 29.

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Don’t go hiding your power, girl.

Under this Perigee Moon, you are more than you appear. You are a mystic and your magic is stronger than ever before.

Other days you may pretend that there is nothing beneath your hooded eyes, you may laugh and wave away comments about the power in your hands—but not today.

You were born a mystic and a mystic you shall remain. Your gift comes from a time before the planets spun in order within their heavenly realm. What beats wild in your heart is the same power that births stars.

Do not deny the world what stirs inside the cauldron of your soul. We need you to awaken and weave mysteries into poetry and prose.

Teach, wise woman, lend us your words. Illuminate us just as the moon illuminates the earth.

Throw aside your flowing cloak, warm your hands on the fire you have stoked, fill your mortar and pestle with fragrant herbs—prepare for the spirits who wait to be called.

In the land of Avalon, ancient voices rise and fall. Arthur, your King, steps into your view, Merlin beside him, the Fey leave the woods. Make your magic, the moon leaves no choice, your voice rises and your energy burns.

Prepare your altar, light the incense, let the smoke rise to the sky.

Arrange the candles in your room, let your hair down, put on your bracelets and rings. Lift your voice to the East, to the West, to the South and to the North—invite goddesses to your feast.

Do you hear the distant rumble of ancient voices as they make music in your throat?

Awaken, awaken, my beautiful mystic, shed your gown, let your nakedness be a sacred, ecstatic offering to those who guide you on your path.

Feel the energy whip up around you, feel the wind take up your hair, your eyes flash knowing, your body weaves a scared dance inside the circle you have cast.

Faster, faster, you spin into the past, to the centuries where your body was burned at the stake. You find yourself standing strong among the flames. You witness your spirits escape, you fly to the now and meet yourself—powerful and no longer afraid.

Cradle all that women before us have born, give us respite. Give us peace.

Mystic woman, look to the Perigee Moon. Luna is calling! Spread your cards on the floor. What do you see for this aching world?

Can you guide us, can you tell us how to heal the wounds in our souls?

Can you help the wild things in the woods? Can you see a future for the lion and the cougar, the elephant and the disappearing trees?

Wild woman, I take up your journey, I bow my head and receive your blessing. I want to heal, to nurture to give birth to a new world.

Spin me into your magical web, oh Mystic. Spin me a dream of peace and love and a river that runs clear.

Show me the new earth. I want to feel her heartbeat. I want to lay my head upon her breast and breathe in fresh forest scents.

I wish to join you, mystic, on your sacred journey with the Perigee Moon.


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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Pixaby, courtesy of the author

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