August 11, 2015

Here’s to Life.


Here’s to bad cups of coffee and rainy days and fluffy socks and tattered, tear-stained pages.

Here’s to smiles so big they could swallow the whole world.

Here’s to tender goodbyes, exciting hellos, and savoring every drop of a juicy, tangerine sunrise.

Here’s to tough days and rough times and moments so painful they seem to crush us.

Here’s to the gritty, gorgeous truth.

Here’s to life!

It’s a bittersweet adventure; beautiful and painful as hell.

It’s mouthwatering and magical, just to be here.

Here’s to life.

Here’s to starry-eyed first kisses and raw heartbreaks and the love we thought we’d never find.

Here’s to anxious racing heartbeats and sweaty palms and quiet whispers of hope.

Here’s to joy so deep it covers our soul in goosebumps.

Here’s to sorrow and rage and the ruthless, roaring flames of transformation.

Here’s to life!

It’s a bittersweet adventure; beautiful and painful as hell.

It’s mouthwatering and magical, just to be here.

Let’s raise our hearts high and celebrate being alive, for even the most difficult moments deserve a sprinkle of confetti and a squeaky balloon.

Let’s make it a wildly delicious day—no matter where life takes us today.

Let’s stick out our tongues, kiss the rain, dance in our tears, and bathe in our pain.

And taste it all.


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Pedro Simoes/Flickr

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