August 10, 2015

This is what your Favorite Song & Your Love Life have in Common.

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When I think of falling in love, I think of the unforgettable moment when you hear a new favorite song for the very first time.

In an instant, you’re hooked. And whether you expected to or not, you continue to fall—over and over, again and again—losing yourself in an all-consuming melody of sweet perfection like none you’ve ever heard before.

It’s funny, really, how quickly things can change. How a pessimist can witness a miracle and suddenly see the world through a beautiful, new set of eyes. How a young child can experience something so transcendent that they decide to devote their entire lives to making a similar dream of their own come true. How love can come knocking on our door when we least expect it, and sweep us right off our feet, even for just a moment.

Just like hellos, goodbyes often come when we least expect them, proving even more often that goodbyes are no easy feat.

What people tend to overlook, though, is that just like hellos, goodbyes mark the beginning of something new—a song change. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Love is just the damnedest thing, ain’t it?

The blind, patient, burning, many-splendored thing we’ve all, at some point in time, witnessed or scoffed at, sang about, cursed, dreamed of, cried over, and hoped for.

Yet much like our old favorite songs, there’s something about it that keeps us coming back.

Over, and over and over again.

I’ve always wondered how something so spectacular could be so fleeting, so beautiful could be so miserable; and yet how in spite of it all, it’s still the very thing that we all seem to be searching for in this life.

At the end of the day and however in or out of pitch love is, it makes us lose ourselves in the music. It makes us dance in front of the mirror and sing at the top of our lungs in the shower.

It’s no wonder we get so caught up in the beat of it all.

That being said, there comes a time in our search for the “perfect song” during which we’re forced to face the music and seek out the true ballad that enraptures our entire being.

Sure, we find some catchy ones, but there’s only one that our heart and soul truly and deeply yearn for. As luck would have it, the latter usually proves to be the most difficult of all to find.

But, this I promise:

Before we know it, a new melody begins its own sound of sweet perfection. Softly, gently and even more beautiful than before. And perhaps we’re reminded of an old song we used to know—one we used to love, and that we couldn’t get out of our head. We recall a time we mistakenly thought it wouldn’t get any better than this.

We were wrong.


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Author: Kristy Gustafson

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Milo/Flickr

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