August 2, 2015

Liberation: a Re-narration of Ancient Non-Reciprocal Affection. {Poem}


I’m talking about a world without time.

In this world without time,
There are limitless capacities to love.

This time,
We pass back through towering pines
That sing as we walk the sloping trail.
You hold my hand in the dark twilight,
First touch.

With a brief trek through night-time forest
We step onto the clean desert beach,
Watch mesmeric swells,
Stars are too close,
Breezes play with my gauzy dress,
Lights wink far, far down the shore.

This time,
I have courage to share secrets
Easily as a child shares,
I shed what hides the alarming dreadful.

This time,
We shiver in the chill night,
Face to face honest.

In a world without time,
Lost nights are forever redeemable.
You lay your sure hand over my heart,
I move my warm hands
From your collar bone to toes,
Cover your brow and jawline with kisses.
Body on body on body of cool sand,
Your beard is wet with dew.

This time,
Appeal flows without agitation
Mending years with presence.
No sorrow for things done or left,
On a star-charmed moonless night.

In a world without time,
Not one rascal, not one angel
Ever was, is, or will be afraid
To give or receive love.


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Author: Jean Larson

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Viacreativa

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