August 12, 2015

Love as a Dangerous Addiction: Rihanna and Eminem Leave a Scar with This. {Video}

The imprint of this song on my psyche is deep. It’s left a scar on my idealistic view of love.

What Rihanna and Eminem have so brilliantly portrayed here is what happens when love is confused with an emotional addiction, fueled by a violent lust.

I’m neither a prude nor naïve enough to think that a sexually explosive, emotionally charged love is bad. I have a love that frequently leaves me breathless.

But that’s not what we’re watching here…this is not love. Yet for many who are caught in an emotional addiction, the scenario played out in this video is a serious call to action.

If you are a woman or a man caught in a cycle of abuse, please reach out to anyone who is even remotely able to help.

No matter how desperate your situation, there is a way out.

This video is simply a wake-up call. It’s not gentle, but it could save a life. Call the link below.

The Domestic Violence Hotline

Author & Editor: Monika Carless

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Image: Flickr

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