August 7, 2015

Loving & Understanding a Bohemian Free-Spirited Wanderer.


Bohemians are the wild ones, the eclectic ones, the rule breakers, the free thinkers, the dreamers, the artists, the wayfarers, the wanderers, the creators, the rebels, the vagabonds, the romantics and most of all the free-spirited ones that live by the ideal of truth and choose to stand outside the walls of society’s norms. They don’t live by conventional rules or practices and could not care less what other people think of them.

Virgina Woolfe, Anais Nin, Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller and Mark Twain are just a few notable and revered artists who all identify with the Bohemian lifestyle.

The word Bohemian made its appearance in the English language in nineteenth century France, where it was used to describe free-spirited people who lived outside the mainstream bourgeois (conventional middle-class) and had non-traditional lifestyles which consisted mainly of being artists, writers, actors and musicians.

The French believed that the Bohemian impoverished style derived from Romanian gypsies who came from Bohemia. However, it was simply a new culture of people who were self-styled in a way that reflected their artistic and alternative lifestyles.

Bohemians are unconventional and have very few attachments to material possessions. The main reason for this is because they are wanderers and adventurers. Whilst Bohemians may have a great affection for their belongings, their mind-set is such that they would leave them behind in a moment to travel the earth barefoot.

Music, the arts, philosophy and literary pursuits are at the core of a Bohemian’s lifestyle. They are also free thinkers who are associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment social and political views, which they express through free love, acceptance or even choosing to live in poverty. They have little care for money, other than for a basic means of survival.

Bohemians would sacrifice all for their art, as they would choose living true to their soul above any material goods or financial wealth.

The imagination controls a Bohemian’s world and it is there where their art is born and where it thrives. They also lead a life of romantic suffering as they become so passionate about their art, it feels like a continuous burn in their soul which leads them on a mission to unravel the purpose of its calling.

Bohemians live by idealism as their minds portray a mental conception of what they believe beauty to be and these beliefs often contrast with the standards set by society and industries strongly associated with beauty.

Although Bohemians are often the great thinkers and artists of the world, the elite and society has restrictions in place so that they are not the ones who make it to the top of their game, due to their desire to live outside of the social norms. Therefore, usually, the only ones to reach the top of their game are the genius, elite bohemians who are incredibly talented and their talent breaks through the boundaries and walls built up with the intention of keeping them at bay.

People who are Bohemian will regularly question and challenge the system and the status quo. They care deeply and are often extremists who will push themselves to all heights to take a stand for what they believe in to create a fairer, less judgmental and more loving and accepting world to live in. They desperately strive to leave the world a better place than they found it, even if the only way they can do this is through their art.

They have no care for hierarchies or for bowing down to others who are seen by society to be of higher standing, Bohemians abandon judgement and see everyone as their equals. There are no airs or graces with Bohemians, they are who they are and as they see it other people can take them or leave them; they have no expectations or attachments and it will not affect them either way.

Bohemians express their passions through the clothes that they wear and their style can change from day-to-day as it will be chosen purely to suit their mood. The most essential part of clothing for a Bohemian is the texture of the fabric they wear. Soft material and garments that float with the body are often key pieces, so that they can move around gracefully and freely and also so that their skin can breathe.

The Bohemian style is characterised by a love of accessories, with tassels, beading and fringing taking precedent. Basically, the Bohemian look is very similar to the hippie or gypsy look and the fabrics and materials used to adorn the body and hair are seen as decorations.

Bohemians live for the moment, they live without regrets, they love wildly and fiercely and would give up all that they owned for whatever it is they are passionate about. They are deep thinkers and deep feelers who carve open their souls to let the world take a glimpse inside.

When loving someone who is Bohemian it is essential to remember that at any given moment they may discard everything they have worked at and begin again. This could range from artistic projects or leaving the home and surroundings they have temporary settled in to discover and explore strange new lands, Bohemians will run where their hearts lead them and the lyrics, “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” will always ring true.

The heart of a Bohemian lies with the unfamiliar. Change, discovery and a constant shedding of skin and clothing are all things that are consistent with those who live this way.

Bohemians will seek a relationship that is based on accountability, authenticity, truth and one that is intensely passionate. They would rather be embroiled in the most intense and extreme sides that love has to offer, or not at all.

The lazy Sunday mornings doused in love, music or art festivals, the picnics in cornfields, the cafes with people and culture, the midnight walks through forests and the long and dusty road trips are what makes a Bohemian’s heart beat like crazy. A relationship where a lover is not only the one they are intimately passionate with, but also their best friend is one that Bohemian’s ache and crave for.

Although Bohemian’s love the ideal of love and will base the foundations of their artistic creations on it, anyone who is in love with a Bohemian should also remember, their greatest and longest love affair will always be with their art.



Peek Inside My Gypsy Soul.


Author: Alexia Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Gonzague Petit Trabal

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