August 14, 2015

This company is vying for ‘most hated corporation’ of 2015.

Nestle promised none of their products would be made using child slavery by 2005. When the deadline was reached and it was found they did not keep their promise, they started suing companies releasing reports about it.(forbes.com)

Pllllease download the app at the bottom of this blog, or one like it. Child slavery has no place in our mouths.

Via Reddit: “Nestle, unofficial slogan: WE DARE YOU TO BOYCOTT EVERYTHING WE OWN.”

Et, voila.

chocolate slavery child

Hot tip for Nestle: you’d be a great sponsor match for FIFA.

For more: The Dark Side of the Chocolate Bunny. {Infographic} ~ Walden Hyde

This is the same company that—literally—caused the death of babies in the 70’s.

Updates are no better. There is this article from 2014:

A US appeal court has ruled that Nestlé, ADM and Cargill can be held to account for aiding and abetting child slavery in Côte D’Ivoire and has allowed a US lawsuit to proceed.

And there is this recent update from June of this year, which says:

the enslavement of children has largely continued unabated.

…and that the case is now being brought to the US Supreme Court.

Wanna take action? Here’s an app, Buycott that helps us boycott certain brands. I’m downloading it.

Remember: most chocolate, not just Nestle’s, is produced via child slavery. Stick with ethical brands like Equal Exchange.

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