August 4, 2015

What I Didn’t do Last Weekend.

Last weekend, I did not listen or follow any rules, instead I broke free from expectations and lived as authentically as I could.

On Saturday morning, I woke up and decided that today the gym could wait, my body was good enough, because today I am sleeping in and drinking my coffee slowly…enjoying each sip.

I stayed in bed with my white fluffy duvet all morning; the sunshine glimmered though the window warming the room as traffic steadily hummed outside. Laying here resting on a mountain of assorted pillows I looked out my window chuckling at the fools who are rushing around on their Saturday, checking off all their tasks so they’re ready for Monday. I preferred to be there, in my bed, drinking dark slow roasted coffee, reading Bukowski and watching the chaos the world has created.

As I laid in bed I drifted off into a reverie…

What a mad world we live in, I thought. I’m just not sure I understand. I don’t understand why I should get up out of this blissful place and rush around town preparing myself for the next week of work ahead of me. Why have we collectively decided that this is the way we should live? Standing in grocery store lines for 30 minutes on a Saturday, when you could go on a Monday and wait just one minute. 

I already give 40 hours of my week away to work; these are precious hours I will never again have to myself. I need a paycheck to afford to live, but now I must give up my time to prepare myself for next week? 

Where is the rest? 

What has happened to the time spent unplugging that allows us to indulge in our guilty pleasures and hobbies?  What has happened to the weekend?  

I remember a loud honk brought me back into the room. I glanced out the window as traffic continued to bustle, it was nearly noon and the chaos was only continuing to madden. I resumed reading Bukowski, cozy in bed, then my eyes drifted over these words: “She’s mad but she magic.”  I read it over and over again. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t know why this line was pulling me in, why I was so attracted to the combination of these five little words…but I was.

Perhaps it was because of how defiant I felt sitting there in bed not feeling guilty for skipping the gym or rushing out to the grocery store. Maybe I felt a little mad not following the rules and doing what I wanted. Because, that day was magic. I’ve never felt more rested, more content and more in control of my life. I chuckled to myself. I am mad, and I am magic, and I will not be pulled into the illusion that a weekend should be spent running around like a clown—no, no, there are far sweeter things to do.

What happened last weekend was a realization that I was spending my weekends with the looming thought of Monday coming around the corner. I once spent my time downing caffeine waiting for the buzz to kick-in so I could start my day, accomplishing my many tasks I had put on a checklist.

But, life isn’t about checklists, though there will always be checklists; they will never disappear.

So why deal with them on your days off? I’ll tackle them during the week when it’s time to work, but for now I’ll continue to date Bukowski in bed and let coffee kiss my lips, it’s much better than making sure I buy oatmeal.

I couldn’t help but smile sitting on my throne of pillows; this weekend was mine, all mine and I will do with at as I please.  Never again will I lose my weekend to work. Call me mad, but Bukowski will say that I’m magic.


Author: Kara Bezuko

Assistant Editor: Josefina Hunter/Editor: Travis May

Photo Credit: Flickr/Butz.2013

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Read 2 comments and reply

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