September 13, 2015

8 Great Jokes about Etsy’s Glow in the Dark Space Panties!

Etsy may have gone public. It may be valued at 200 Billion dollars, or four. It may have lots of cheap Chinese crap all over it, now. But it also has a lot of legitimately beautiful, eco-responsibile and hand-crafted items. I use it regularly—most recently for eco chandeliers Dwell would gush over.

Then, I came across these [click to buy ’em here]. I can imagine that Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes, grown up, would want a boy’s version:

etsy underwear panties

Here’s 8 Bad Puns about ’em, courtesy of the boys (mostly) over at Reddit:

1. Is your ass out of this world?

2. I can see Uranus.

3. Something, something…black hole.

4. Joke’s on them, my underwear already glows in the dark. [Glows under a black-light, you mean]

5. “Are you wearing space underwear? Because your ass is out of this world.”

6. I’m over the moon for these.

7. Neil deAss Tyson

8. Do they come in men’s with proper placement of the “big dipper”?


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