September 22, 2015

Awesome Demonstration—the Power of Breath—what Happens when we Breathe.


Smile, breathe and go slowly.” ~ Thich Nhât Hanh

Just breathe. I use to want to punch people who told me “calm down, breathe.”

I never understood how much power my breath actually held for me.

Two years ago, a book found me, called We’re All Doing Time: A Guide for Getting Free by Bo Lozoff.

It changed my life.

It introduced the art and practice of pranayama. Life force breath.

I started practicing true proper prana.

Before this, I did practice yoga, but I never really got it—I never really got the true depth of the power of our breath.

For the last few years I have incorporated prana into my daily practices and it is truly amazing. Our breath centers us, calms us, brings us back, soothes us and revitalizes us.

Now in hindsight I see. Now when I am feeling scattered and crazy, I can remind myself to stop and take a breath. And it always helps.

The power of breath is truly amazing. When we just take that moment to pause and center ourselves—it can change our whole day.

Namaste beauties—take a breath today!

Here is an experiment I did to demonstrate this. Enjoy:


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Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr/Kevin Dinkel, flickr/Beverly & Pack


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