September 23, 2015

Every Part of Real is Beautiful.

Flickr/Joe St.Pierre

I am constantly writing in my head, and I have a soundtrack to my life that plays softly in the background of my mind.

Well, not really my mind, it’s more like in my heart—soul messages in song form.

While the songs play in the background—creating a sense of space and time, and triggering memories of all kinds—I write true stories in my head about this experience.

I write about hearts I’ve encountered, lessons I’ve learned and truths that still remain untold. I write blankets of love, in words that I wish to share with the part of every person that is receptive.

I long for every little child—inside each adult body wandering the planet—to feel the warmth of the words that drift through me, quietly encouraging the beauty of every part of this human experience to feel safe, free, accepted and loved.

Blankets of love—every part of real is beautiful.

All of it. We are all everything.

We all have everything inside of us. We all have the ability to be the kindest, most loving, thoughtful and generous of beings. And we also all have within us the ability to be cruel, selfish, inconsiderate, spiteful and mean.

We are made of everything. We are no less than, nor greater than another, and we have all been and done everything at one point, in one dimension or another.

We are the dark and the light, and they are both love.

We are all students. We all are teachers. We are all fluidly switching roles in a stream of divine contracts, set up in the stars, played out for soul expansion, higher-self connection and to experience the raw beauty of love. And every bit of it has lessons of love within it.

Love is the teacher. Love is the student. Love is the lesson.

Feel more. Think less. Express. Be the you you are today. Love big. Go deep. Be naked in the middle of the street. I will offer you one of my blankets if you feel cold, frightened, vulnerable or alone. I will wrap one around you, so you feel the truth—that you are safe and that you are loved, just as you are.

The intention is not to cover you up, not to hide you under the blanket, but for you to snuggle in, breathe deeply and take the time you need. Until you realize that every single part of you—and every part of what you feel—is valid, real and so very beautiful. Every. Single. Part.

When you are ready, you can drop the blanket in the middle of the street, drape it over one arm, wear it as a cape, or ask me to hold it for you.

There may come a time when you may need such a blanket again, and there will always be one waiting for you. There’s a limitless supply, and it is certainly not confined to the stream of consciousness that dances through my head to the soundtrack that my record player soul spins.

Remember, they are blankets of love.

Love is all there is. There’s no wrong, no right, no good, no bad—just love lessons, filling up our illusion of time as we swim in the mystery of life.

Sometimes we just need to remind each other of this truth—be patient, compassionate and offer each other a warm blanket of love that is energetically embroidered with the words: Every part of real is beautiful.



You are Amazing as You Are!


Author: Jessica Brown

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Joe St.Pierre

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