September 30, 2015

Finding Wisdom in Open Spaces.

Flickr/Matthew Fearnley

I was raised in a Christian home. Many of the people and thoughts I have encountered within my family and the evangelical community have been dishearteningly closed-minded.

Many of them think that embracing differences is a threat to their own way of life, and this saddens me.

While I ascribe to a life devoted to the ideals of Jesus, my world view is quite different than that of the members of my family. I enjoy hearing other people’s points of view, and find wisdom in religions and cultures other than my own.

While I still believe in loving God as my Creator, and loving my neighbor as myself, I don’t agree with a lot of Christians on many things.

Being open-minded and loving towards others and finding wisdom within all types of walks of life is not something to be feared—on the contrary, it is something to be cherished.

There is only so much that we can learn from others who are just like us.

So afraid of being led astray,
We refuse to hear what they have to say.

Fear of being marred
by anyone else’s truth
Has kept us from wisdom,
beauty, and youth.

Lies become proof.

But why can’t we listen?
Why can’t we learn?
Someone else’s journey
Should not make us yearn
For silence in the dark.

Let their truth make its mark
On your soul and on mine.

So together we might find
A better way to live,
A better way to thrive
A better way to give
A voice to all alive.
A feeling we might all know
A truth that helps us grow.

Share our journeys in this place,
On this tiny rock in space.
Until the spaces
Left between
Are not so big
As they once seemed.




Author: Stephanie Martin

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Matthew Fearnley at Flickr 

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