September 16, 2015

How Entrepreneurship Has Become My Spiritual Path.


It’s been over a decade since I took a leap of faith, dropped out of college, started my first business, said “yes” to my dream of playing professional golf and began a life of complete freedom.

Nothing has unfolded in the way I imagined it would have when I first began this wild and crazy journey. I went from selling offensive T-shirts online to teaching meditation to thousands of people online. I went from pursuing professional golf to taking a six-year hiatus to coming back and breathing life back into that dream.

Yes, life certainly has a sense of humor. I don’t believe there’s a straight and narrow path to bringing our visions to life. It’s more of a zig-zaggy mountain labyrinth that feeds on our fears, rewards us for our courage and laughs in our face when we get too serious. Then throw in a side of magic, mystery and a whole lot of good times—oh yes, and crying. Lots and lots of crying!

In my decade plus of entrepreneurial adventures, I’ve had many chapters of life. I went from a young, cocky 20 year old who thought he had the world by the kahunas to having the metaphysical, financial, creative, spiritual, mental, and emotional crap beaten out of me again and again and again. Good times had by all!

So how has entrepreneurship become a spiritual path and practice for me?

1. When I don’t own my shit and take 100% responsibility for myself and my success, I fail… and I keep failing until I get it.

2. It teaches me to listen to my inner voice of courage over my inner voice of fear. My voice of courage is the strong silent type, so it’s taught me to really listen.

3. It’s taught me selfless service like nothing else has. When I make it about me, I block the flow of creativity, fun and finances. When I make it about service to others, I feel connected to a bigger purpose.

4. It’s taught me to trust my intuition, instincts, creative impulses and the universe or what have you. I notice that when I take a step toward my vision, my vision takes a step toward me. Waiting for “the universe to deliver” gets me nowhere. It takes a partnership with all of creation to make shit happen.

5. It’s forced me to be self-reflective, creative and extremely resourceful, especially when money’s tight and I need to make big things happen fast.

6. It’s kind of like going to The School of Learning to Create My Reality. where I turn ideas into action in the physical form. Such a cool experience!

7. It requires focus, discipline, patience and integrity to follow through on my word until the completion of my goal.

8. I have to be intentional with my time, energy, resources and the direction I wish to guide my life. Otherwise, weapons of mass distraction can throw me off my path.

9. It has humbled me, broken me down, built me back up and taught me so much about the cycle of birth, death and creation.

10. It can be a path to personal freedom or a self-created hell. The choice is always mine.

11. I have learned to put everything on the line (again and again) for something I truly believe in. Growing my businesses and service has been a devotional practice that I’ve put my whole heart into.

12. I’ve learned to align my lifestyle with my business so that everything I do is in alignment with my dream lifestyle while supporting everything I do in my businesses. This has taught me when to say “yes,” “no” and, “I’m going golfing or for a hike. See ya!”

13. It’s shown me the beauty and complexity of nature. For every idea I have, there are many moving parts, small actions that must be taken, people involved, resources needed, certain unknowns… and when it all works flows harmoniously, it’s truly a miracle!

14. My life, my time, my success and my failures are my own. What I do with all of it is up to me. I am the master of my dreams and the time I have on Earth. #TrueFreedom

Who needs plant-based medicine when you have entrepreneurship. You want a vision quest? Here’s an idea: come up with an idea that aligns with your heart and passion, turn it into something that generates money and serves the people, and then keep it up until it fulfills your lifestyle desires.

Are you an entrepreneur? What life-changing lessons have you learned on your path to creating personal and financial freedom? I’d love to hear!



Author: Bradley Morris

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Image: Flickr

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