September 23, 2015

I Want to Be Him.

man alone on bridge thinking

I want to be him—the man who looks at you with a vacant stare, with a story lost deep inside his eyes, a story that has no ending, a story that only you understand.

I want to be the man who looks at you when no one else does, a look of complete adoration for the blind love he feels you portray. A look of adoration for the smile you allow him to wear, when everyone around him has nothing to smile about.

I want to be him, the man who wants all of your tender pieces, the kinds of pieces no one else wants. He sees something different, something special about those pieces. He doesn’t want you to give up.

I want to be the man you feel in the middle of nowhere with, but to be able to find yourself in this nowhere.

I want to be him the strongest person, to carry you even when you think you don’t need it. The person that can handle a broken you but allow you the space to fix yourself.

I want to be the man who allows you to be the best you, and who doesn’t challenge your indecisive path. I want to be the man who silently follows behind you, ready to catch you the same instant you stumble.

I want to be him, the man who has a yearning to understand the real you—the man who listens intently, with a burning desire to know you.

I want to be the man with an intent to not just touch your body, but touch your mind, because he wants to know every detail about your thinking.

I want to be him, the man that looks past the imperfections, because your imperfections are intriguing and challenging, and they allow you to grow—together. I want to be the man who sees them as perfect imperfections.

I want to be the man that allows you in—allows you to see past his biggest walls. The man that allows you to see him during his darkest times. I want to be the man who puts all his trust in you, because he knows you will forever hold him high.

I want to be him, the man that has a choice, and who chooses you every single time.

I want to be him—I want to be him now , but I also want to be him when the timing is right.

I want to be him forever.

I will wait with bated breath, and until that day—I will hide behind a perfect smile, my perfectly built wall, with a heart aching for you love him back.



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Author: Darren Johnson

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Chiara Cremaschi


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Read 2 comments and reply

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