September 17, 2015

Karma in Action: Cameraman who Trips Refugee Loses Job & Refugee Gets New One.

Flickr/Katie Brady

There are forces, energies and stories unfolding behind every act.

Things may look like one thing to us on the surface, yet, at the same time—under the surface—a whole other story is being played out.

Remember that Hungarian news photographer? The one who had the audacity to stick out her leg, and trip a refugee who was carrying his child?

That newswoman lost her job—but one of the refugees she tripped, found a new job.

These refugees risked everything—they left behind their homes, their livelihoods and their cultures. They left behind their whole lives, as they knew them, to find something better. To find something that would allow them to use their talents, resources and knowledge to create better, safer lives for themselves and for their children.

It turns out that the man the newswoman tripped was the former coach of Syria’s al Fotuwa first division soccer club.

After seeing the news footage, in which the refugee was tripped, the president of Spain’s Official School for Football and Indoor Football Coaches (CENAFE) contacted him, and offered him a job.

The refugee is not a refugee any longer.

He is now an employed person, who has moved to a country that will give him all that he ran through that field in Hungary to find.

Such irony, that the heinous act of that Hungarian newswoman—the singularly, almost craven and utterly petty act of tripping him—was the very thing that brought this particular refugee to the attention of the president of CENAFE.

In a way—in that incredible two-things-can-happen-at-the-same-time-way, and in that all-things-are-perfect-in-the-moment Buddhist way—this refugee has that Hungarian newswoman to thank for finding his new job!

In a strange and distorted way, her tripping him was almost a means of saying, “You’re going the wrong direction, you should be running to Spain!”

Is this the Law of Cause and Effect? Is this what is referred to as “Karma?” Was it meant to be—in the stars?

Whatever it was, the ironic justice of it cannot be denied.

The world watches now, as a great story—written by an invisible hand—is played out before our eyes.




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Author: Carmelene Siani

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Katie Brady



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