September 23, 2015

My Mind is my Camera.

Beach (Tina Rivera)

Early this morning I drove to the beach.

Unplanned and with no direction or clear purpose, all I desired was to see, hear and feel the vibrations of the waves crashing against the shore.

I made the conscious decision to leave all belongings and technology behind (save for my car keys) and it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

More often than not, I have been one to “capitalize” on every beautiful part of life I have experienced.

Whether it be a pretty viewpoint, gorgeous Malibu sunset or a fancy meal from a fine dining restaurant, I am armed and ready with my cell phone to capture the moment and subsequently post on social media.

The plus side of this is that the memory of a photograph will never fade, but a clear downside, I realized today, was that none of these peaceful moments will ever be dear or sacred if posted on Instagram.

There is something magical about being in the present moment with no cameras, no technology and no connection with the outside world.

There is beauty in experiencing the world and nature on your own without needing validation from social media, a friend or an outside source.

When I arrived at the beach, I did feel initial remorse for not bringing a camera to capture the birds and the calm, dark tone of the waves that only seem to appear in the early morning.

The regret soon faded when I realized life was better without a camera and documentation.

Instead of attempting to capture a perfect shot of the surf, I was able to be present and watch the ocean uninterrupted.

Surfers were catching waves and I was provided the ability to observe many of them from start to fall.

I walked along the shore and fully felt the cool water humbly crash against my feet with no concept of time or expectation of the next notification on my cell phone.

Although I may not have captured this breathtaking moment in a photograph, the value of this experience lies in my memory, the words I wrote once I got home and again in this vignette.

The fact that I am the only soul who can envision the experience I felt this morning is magical, something no one will ever know, and a time I will forever value.



I Quit Social Media for 30 Days & This Happened.


Author: Tina Rivera

Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Courtesy of the Author.

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