September 20, 2015

Our Place Amongst the Stars.


When will we take our rightful place amongst the stars?

In Mahanirvana Tantra, there is a poignant reminder of our cosmic potential:

“In truth, every body is the universe.”

Each person has an inner universe that is unimaginably complex, unique and individual. This inner universe is never “not good enough,” as has been the historic message of humanity for millennia.

Imagine a universe with the human ability of self-reflection and self-awareness, saying to itself—“I’m not good enough!”

Imagine constellations of stars and planets with magical qualities, synthesising like a Divine symphony of vast beauty, majesty, energy and possibility—that do not feel whole and complete—that do not feel like “enough.”

How mysterious we are!

Why are we self-inhibiting, self-limiting, self-defeating? Why is our greatest difficulty that of self-love and self-acceptance?

Our education system starts out by disconnecting us from who we are early on. As Michio Kaku said: “All kids Are born geniuses, but are crushed by society itself.”

The framework of learning is by nature self-limiting, because there is so little solution-focus or possibility-focus. Instead we are spoon-fed information like lab-rats. (Or sometimes force-fed like Peking ducks!) We are so filled up with mostly irrelevant data that keeps getting repeated until we’re able to regurgitate it, that we can barely function.

The achievement of school is unimaginably trivial. We’re taught how not to think, how feeling is irrelevant and how ticking boxes and spouting insignificant facts will somehow lead us to a destination—to become a resourceful adult, get into college, get a job, and perhaps even manage a relationship and a family. It seems unimaginable that such an inept system does produce survivors, warriors and sometimes even high-achievers—those able and willing to work with the system.

This education pathway would serve some good if it were actually providing real life skills and teaching people how to deal with real problems. How about sending our kids out into their schools with a big dose of reality—show them the problems the world is having—now you, the young generation, are tasked with finding and creating solutions.

Creativity is the greatest resource in human development. We should be supporting our little creative genius kids to be who they are. Instead of nurturing unique talent, kids are suppressed. The goal of education is to create cookie-cutout kids and fit them on to Kellogg’s boxes, so they can build little boxes on the hillside and live happily ever after.

Structured education, like structured religion, was necessary to begin with—to form moral societies that fit into mutually-beneficial and agreeable standards. Hierarchies were built on fear and control, and they were fed by the suppression of questioning and creative thinking. Those in power used their power to control others and to make themselves look important, to ensure a continuance of their power. Pyramids of power, control and the suppression of resistance are all playing their part on this military-industrial complex.

There is a stirring in humanity—a knowledge that cannot be stifled. It is a yearning for freedom to imagine, freedom to be, freedom to explore what it means to be created in the image of God (feel free to replace this word with “love” if you’re more comfortable with that), and what that means as individuals who are all created uniquely.

In essence, it means something different to each person.

How each person perceives God (love) is really up to them—up to their own creative imagination.

Our free will is complete.

This mirroring of the Divine is fascinating. We could not exist, without the existence of God—like a candle could not be lit without a spark. The spark of God in each one of us is the God-self alive in human form. God could exist without us, yet we could not exist without God.

It was necessary, in the creation of earth, to remove human beings from their connection to God in order to discover the Divine spark within. If all was given, nothing could be gained. Much like how we were born with all the knowledge of the world, we could not achieve anything like what we could achieve by being born into a baby’s mind, a baby’s reality, where we saw ourselves (perhaps justifiably) as small and the entire external world as scary. We were born of great fragility and depended on adults completely for our survival.

Here is our task—to carve out a new reality of shared brotherhood and sisterhood, of egalitarian freedom and respect for others without destructive war-mongering, and without excessive force or greed. How are these dreams possible? Or is this just another Utopian fantasy?

We continue to make progress with systems that have failed us. These systems are based on out-dated thinking from our religious institutions, to our so-called democratic political systems, to free-market economic systems and the educational system backing up this lethargic framework.

It is not because the system is adequate—it is only because we are advancing developmentally. The solution is not to reform a patently inept system, but to break it down, and start all over again on a shared footing—to build a strong foundation of solidarity.

This is in line with the founders of the United States. To build a strong humanity that stands as free thinkers before God. God has created us in the image of God, and we are tasked with free will to carve out our own destiny.

If we remove God from our vernacular, then we are left with a false vision, an empty vision. The secular understanding ultimately is a void without substance, without fairness, without a moral compass. This is our current status quo. We have built systems on shaky foundations without a vision of our role on this planet, with little interest in our responsibilities as caretakers and shareholders.

The only way we can solve these problems is by raising the vibration of the planet, bringing light into the darkness, bringing love to the gloom and hopelessness, forgiveness to the forsaken and compassion to our broken hearts. When all life is understood as sacred, then we will know peace.

We cannot arise to embrace our cosmic destiny, without a vision and flag-bearing visionaries who are in-waiting throughout the world.

When we are compassionate for ourselves and all living beings, then we will see the change.

When we truly feel compassion for the tortured and dying animals, for the starving refugees, the homeless, even our neighbour’s children—then we will be the change.

This will happen when we can accept others as whole, valid, autonomous and sacred.

My vision for this new world is a new way of seeing—a new way of seeing ourselves and our place in the cosmos—a new way of God (love).

In shifting our perspective on life, towards a more loving and compassionate worldview, we find the answers we are seeing—and quite magically the questions start to evaporate.

What is your vision, and what will you do to make that expressed in the world?



Synchronicity—Hand of God or Co-incidence?


Author: David G. Arenson ND

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Matthew

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