September 27, 2015

Supermoon. {Poem}


The supermoon

bigger and brighter
lights up a pathway
that bears a lot at stake …

Is fruition a pathway
of patterns you cast away,
of an unfolding you thank again
for delivering you to this very moment?

The perigee moon
plunging and playful
sets its gravitational pull
on our waters’ mood …

Is our ocean with her tides
a sister to our mind
swinging from nostalgia to foresight,
from been-there ‘n’ forgotten-nots to this current time?

The harvest moon
has them both ripe;
the heart that knows the truth
and the mind that tells a lie …

Is it time we decide
whether to stand sovereign side by side
to crop sap ’n’ sugar and not bloody ties
to conquer the ego’s dark by simply switching on the light?

The supermoon
with breakdowns that are breakthroughs
to take your power back,
in case it abandoned you …

Is it time to reflect and to choose
as insights come crashing onto you,
lifting salty waters that went mucky
tingling your lips, your instincts and your dreams?

The supermoon
for the masterpieces yet to bloom
will shine on a gap
between your next best version and you …

Is it time to know
for us self-creators on the go
that the gap will always remain so,
craving to be shortened henceforth?

The supermoon
calls me and you
to sail on the banks of love
and to float away as light as a souffle
with the clown called fun.
Or does it call us
to stay firmly planted on earth
so that loony whims be at once shunned?

Ah! The Supermoon!
Let’s find out soon
as we put one shaky foot out –

and Cross Over!



On Waxing Like the Moon. ~ Eshe Armah


Author: Malvika Vazalwar

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: halfrain/Flickr

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