September 10, 2015

The Power of Connecting: An Invitation From My Heart to Yours.


Stop. Listen.

Look into my eyes. See into my depths. Look past what you think you know.

Disregard all labels. I am more than what you believe to be. I am more than a worker, a hair color, the girl next door, a wife, a mother. My path has never been trodden. I am unique.

You will never walk my road. You will never feel the sunrise the way I do. But listen. I want you to see the real me. I want you to see my truth.

Can you please take the time to connect? To view the world through my eyes? To realize my history matters?

My future matters.

As does yours.

If we connect, we may find commonality and understanding. We may find empathy and compassion. We may find love. Importantly, we may also grow. We share so much. We can share much more.

I too feel anguish and desperation. I too feel happiness and elation. I share the sleepless nights. I worry, I mourn, I cry, I bear guilt, I suffer, I glow, I learn, I seek. My insecurities are present. My demons are forever on the attack and my angels are armed warriors to the end.

As are yours.

But ultimately, I feel despondent and fear our future.

Why are we forever fighting, conflicting, overshadowing our time with ongoing disagreements? Why must we continually battle for power, land and possessions while we ignore poverty, heartache and kindness? Why can’t we connect, show compassion and look into the eyes of what’s living? None of us are a number. At some point, we will all seek asylum and search for a sanctuary.

Forget political systems that promise advancement or salvation, but derail humanity while trying to save it. Forget what you think you know. If you can understand, perhaps we will realize we are no longer the argument. All of us have a little knowledge, a little piece of the puzzle. In all of us we collectively retain a solution. If we try to share it… If we connect…

Don’t let these fights consume us, break our spirits and distract us from what is real. We can all change, if we focus on what matters.

What is truth? Who are you? What is my raw?

Breathe past the indifference. Focus on the person inside. Please look. For just one minute.

I may be shy, I may flinch, I may look away. I may be uncomfortable and wish the ground beneath gives way. I am most likely not used to being exposed. But, I promise, you will see the power of pushing past my vulnerability and the beauty of connecting. When you take away my possessions, my masks, my fears, you will see my rawness.

Can we accept this while living and not leave it to the end when it counts? Why wait until time no longer matters? We have so much to give now. We have so many solutions to find. Together.

At the end of days, a glimpse of those who cared will infiltrate my soul.
And those most important, those who connected, those who bothered, who showed compassion, who affected me, will be there. I want to see that we made a difference and changed what we could.

You have so much more to give. We have so much more to give.
Show a little kindness. Burn into my soul until our differences are accepted.

I want to see you. I want to understand and help. I want to take you with me.

I want to be your difference.

Try it…

With both eyes open and you will see…

How different we all will be.


Author: Miriam LeRule

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Image: Flickr

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