September 13, 2015

The Push to Go Beyond. {Poem}

 Ray Bouknight/Flickr

It starts a dull roar and a quiet intake of breath,
The sun outside beckoning with hope.
Awareness slowly creeps through my body,
Restlessness stirs—

My muscles start to yearn,
A desire filling them full.

They are whispering to me ever so softly,
“Let us be free
Movement makes us sing—
Movement takes us home.”

I start to turn my ear,
To pay attention to the noise I hear:

“I want to climb,
I want to run,
I want to dance,
I want to breathe.”

I sense the feeling of drive taking over,
It envelopes me; the essence to be strong;
I want to use my body,
To feel the primal instinct take its course.
It turns from a whisper to a shout
As I leave normal awareness behind.

My feet and hands are under me,
As I feel the ground beneath

I begin to notice my heartbeat speak,
A connection I have missed.
A power comes over to be more than I think,
As I become victorious just in this moment of strife.

My breath turns to effort,
My sweat begins to pour.

Every cell seems to be flowing with me
Breathing with my climb;
Like the wind is inside us all
And the rocks are calling me in.

The passion,
The freedom to express.
I feel my muscles contract,
The push to go beyond.
I am in hate and in love all at once,
The rush melts down my body.

I collapse and I fall off the ragged edge,
Content to not exert anymore.

But then I hear it—that whisper once again.

“We want to be loved
We want to be held.”
A nudge to begin to stretch, and to heal;
To breathe out the adrenaline that was rushing through.

I lie down and inhale to the places that need love,
I marvel and I wonder as I take off my shoes

I release and I smile
Stronger for what I’ve done.

I breathe, I come down
I’m happy with the communication that’s never audible to my ear.


Author: Niki Lambert

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Ray Bouknight/Fickr // funks/Flickr


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