September 22, 2015

Will You? {Poem}

couple, holding hands

Will you be there when I fall?

Will you sometimes not be there, so I can pick myself up?

Will you hold my hand?

Will you kiss me hard, and pull me into a warm, sunny embrace, at least once a day?

Will you catch my teardrops, like rain, on your calloused fingertips?

Will you be honest with me, even when the truth is ugly and it hurts like hell?

Will you promise to love me as much as you possibly can, for as long as you possibly can?

Forever seems crazy, overwhelming; so far away, like a distant stardust galaxy.

Give me right now.

I will give you right now.

And eventually, all of our shared right now’s will add up to forever.

Let’s promise to stumble and bumble our way through this crazy, beautiful world together, hand in hand, honesty in our hearts, curiosity billowing like smoke from our souls.

Because the brutal truth is that sometimes, we will get caught up in life’s exhausting demands; we’ll fight and argue and maybe even hate each other a little bit.

Sometimes, it will be hard.

We will hurt each other and disappoint each other. We will fail, in a million, colorful ways.

But that won’t threaten our love.

Not at all.

Because you are my home.

And I am your home.

We will always know the way back to each other, for that map is etched, like starry magic, in our lantern souls.

Under the cover of a cloudless night, we will part the straggly, emerald brush of our fears and excuses and struggles, and find each other all over again, like buried treasure.

You are my home.

And I am your home.

I know it to be true.

But, Ill ask you anyway:

Will you live out your days,

By my side?



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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pixabay

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