October 9, 2015

4 Ways to Clear Away Destructive Self-Talk.

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Do you ever tire of living in your own head?

Let’s get real here, shall we? The majority of our thoughts aren’t exactly sunshine and glittery elephants hopping white picket fences.

The unfortunate truth is that most of us have a depressingly large amount of self-abusive thoughts, especially related to our physical appearance.

Thoughts like: “I look too fat in this dress.” “If I were taller, I would get more girls.” “Oh, no, he hasn’t called me because of my pimples.” “I hate my bald spots; if only I looked younger.”

How many of you can relate?

We have been programmed to focus heavily on our physical appearance as if it is the main identifier of who we are, but what if the game were changed?

What if we were able to unidentify from our physical bodies, clear away that heinous self-talk and step into the realization that we are so much more than meets the eye?

Last week I completed a three-day meditation course at the Om Shanti Brahma Kumari Center just outside Delhi, India. While living in the peaceful ashram, I learned what it’s like to live at a soul-conscious level, unattached to the physical body.

These highly evolved people practice living free from self-destructive, body conscious, thoughts. Thoughts like looking skinny in their Instagram photos, making sure their muscles are defined before hitting the beach, having the newest embroidered designer handbag or never leaving the house without a full face of makeup.

Just take a moment to imagine how much more peaceful and productive our minds would be without all of those negative and superficial thoughts. When we unidentify with our physical selves and identify with ourselves as pure souls, these sabotaging thoughts begin to melt away.

We are a soul—a point of light. Our body is our costume, and we are all actors. We are not defined by our physical packaging, our jobs or our relationships. All of these physical labels and qualities will change and even disappear.

Only one thing will remain the same: our soul.

Here’s how we can make this shift:

1. We begin by setting the intention to monitor our thoughts—to start becoming aware of the words we say to ourselves. We become aware of the instinctual thoughts we say about ourselves when passing a mirror.

2. When we catch a negative thought entering, we react with compassion. We lovingly push them aside; we don’t beat ourselves up. This is very important! If we make ourselves wrong for the thoughts we have, we are completely missing the shift we are working to create.

3. Once we catch the thought, we negate it with a positive thought full of self-love such as, “I am a beautiful soul; I am blessed to be in this body just the way it is right here and right now.” Or even better, “Sorry, Ego, I will no longer identify with these abusive thoughts about my body. I know my body is just my packaging, and I am the soul that’s inside.”

4. Over time these thoughts will disappear completely. When that happens we fill the space with positive thoughts. Thoughts like, “I am a powerful soul, I am infinite and I can do and be anything I set my mind to.”

If you remember anything from this story, remember this: Catch those low-vibe, body-conscious thoughts. We are not our bodies. They are merely the costumes we have chosen to wear in this lifetime to be the character we are playing on the stage of life.


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Author: Maggie Kay

Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Brumfield/ Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Authors Own // Dmitry Kalinin/Flickr


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