October 20, 2015

6 Practices to Feed our Highest Self.



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Albert Einstein once said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

We are in constant conversation with two energies that dictate our thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns, all of which make up our life results. Lets call these two parts of the inner dialogue the lower self and the higher self.

You may have gotten to know the lower self very well over the years. For example, my lower self wants me to believe I’m not good enough, I’m too fat, I’ll mess things up eventually, and tells me to worry about the future constantly. When my lower self has its grips on me, it’s a recipe for chaos and disease. Junk food, cynical words, too much tv, skipping yoga, and low energy will be the circumstances I create. When the lower self is in control you’ll experience feelings of fear, doubt, worry, escape, and even anger.

When the higher self is guiding the way, there is possibility in every direction. The higher self is responsible for creating joy during good times and grace during times of transition and challenge. The higher self allows us to master the art of navigating disagreements and shows us how to be a source of unlimited love, support, and unwavering positivity.

If you have chosen to see a hostile universe, practice these six steps to tune back into your higher self:


Make meditation a habit and connect to your higher self. Try meditating first thing in the morning in order to set the tone each day by connecting to the divinity within you. As you go beyond the body and mind and connect to your higher self, the soul, you are able to transcend any anxiety or low energy thoughts that might come up throughout your day.


Commit to being present in each moment and seeing all things as they are, void of the meaning and attachments that we often assign. In our awareness of each moment, we can do no harm. We are empowered by becoming witness to our good and bad thoughts and in that awareness lies our opportunity to choose the positive and energize it in a meaningful and powerful way.


Non-attachment is a practice of non-grasping. Becoming aware of attachments is the beginning of establishing a healthy way of processing lower self emotions. Non-attachment alleviates the suffering that comes when we pin our happiness on people, circumstances, and things outside of ourselves and our control. Return your attention to the inner conversation in order to release attachments and you will maintain a positive energy field that nourishes what you care about most. Wanting something to happen is one thing, but obsessing over the outcome can really take you down. Commit to practicing non-attachment and you have already begun to free yourself from suffering the lower self.


Powerful emotions often cloud the truth and fill our heads with False Evidence that Appears Real (F. E. A. R.). When emotions arise and begin convincing you of negativity, hit the pause button. Remove the stream of clutter and examine what is technically happening. Stick to the facts and come back to the truth that exists in each moment, without any personal baggage clouding the story or twisting reality. In this practice you discover fear is not real and only love exists. Practice this to shift false belief systems into ones of trust and love.


Let it go. Let it all go. Whatever you are holding on to…If it’s holding you back, let it go. Life is meant to be lived light, with light, from light, through light. Don’t let things weigh you down. Let go of the desire to control, convince, seduce, and manipulate. Surrender is being alert to exactly what is happening in the now and releasing the motives of your lower self.


Powerfully affirming your strengths, intentions, and desires will allow you to tune into your highest self. Root yourself in positivity, always speaking kindly to yourself and others. You are affirming one voice or the other, so be sure to bring mindfulness, love, and great care to the words that you are choosing in each moment.


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Author: Lindsay Weisenthal

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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