October 11, 2015

From Living in Pain to Living on Purpose. {Video}



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I decided to share my story with the world to show my personal demonstration of overcoming obstacles and transcending circumstance. I went from living in my own version of victimized hell to feeling gratitude, joy and freedom.

My hope is that my video will inspire men and women alike to make use of their power to choose.

Regardless of finances, location, education, parenthood or any external factors, we have the right to choose a better life. I also want others to know that they are not alone in their pain and suffering, that shame only weighs us down and to realize we are much greater than anything that has happened to us.

Throughout my journey, I knew that I must help other women overcome their personal barriers to success. I set out to create an intentional community to help women break free from limiting thought patterns. Women are strengthened when uplifted and supported by other ambitious women, and this is what LIB(H)ERATE provides. We meet monthly, offering the tools and resources for women to reach their individual goals while providing the opportunity to collaborate and create together.

If you are ready to free yourself from all that hold you back from your dreams, join us.

Author: Nichole Sylvester

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Video Still

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