October 13, 2015

Learn to Dance with Your Demons. {Poem}

Flickr/Karoly Czifra


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To banish our demons
Is a task attempted by many.

Yet with no avail.

They recite
You’re not enough
You’re not ready
Stay quiet
You know you’ll fail

Their purpose?

To guide you.

Not by what they say
But from where they stem

They are here
To take you deeper

Turning your attention inwards,
Journeying towards home.

Tricky messengers they are,
So uncomfortable they come!

But the discomfort is with reason

Their words and messages are
So far from your true self.

Unequivocally out of alignment
With your true nature,
Your raw, natural state.

Maddening as they come,
They are here with purpose.

Not to tell you no,
But to send you in a direction.

To inquire within,
Again and again

To bring you back
To your deepest self

Beyond the masks and labels
And the ever changing descriptors

Beyond what you do
And who you say you are

Don’t try to banish your demons

Simply meet them,
With your steady inner gaze

Invite them in,
Ever so sweetly

Their discomfort is a gift,
Bearing a potent and powerful reminder,
Shown through an experience of misalignment.

Hear not what they say
But from where they stem

As they bring you closer
To your truest essence
To your truest self

On this sensational journey
Back home.



We Carry Our Stories. {Poem}


Author: Alexa Torontow

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Karoly Czifra


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