October 5, 2015

Soul Friends: Energies of Lifetimes.

couple, holding handsOnce in a blue moon, I meet someone who sparks a fire within me.

Our interaction causes my awareness to expand and I can feel the universe…physically feel the energy that binds all things together.

It hits me hard, like walking into an invisible energy wall. A vortex.

It’s electric.

While in this vortex, I feel extremely present. I can feel the whirlwind created by the spinning of the cosmos. I become extra tuned in to my thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.

Butterflies flutter in my stomach; my heartbeat races. Energy is flowing through me so quickly that my temperature rises. My face becomes flushed. Words tumble from my lips at great speed. I am taking in as much info as I can from this soul.

Life has jumped into fast forward mode and I am being propelled along my path. I have just been brought the next piece to my puzzle. I don’t know who this stranger is, but something just lined up. A door has opened.

It’s in these moments that the universe is moving mountains.

These moments are brief, but the spark—the explosion of energy that was created—leaves me walking away in awe.

Something drastic and life-changing has occurred.

I’m not always privy to what that may mean, but I know that this moment was meant to happen. Great forces placed me here at this specific time for a reason.

These moments with new souls bring me great joy and I find myself flying high for days. I become engulfed in pondering our connection, both past life and present.

Who is this new being, and what lesson are they here to teach me?

Down the road I will be able to look back and connect the dots regarding our chance meeting. For now, I hold an image of them in my mind and a warm feeling in my heart. We are bonded beyond lifetimes.

How special it is to meet you again.



We are All Soul Mates.


Author: Richelle Rae Okaluk

Apprentice Editor: Lois Person/Editor: Travis May

Image: Pixabay

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Read 3 comments and reply

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