October 1, 2015

The Final Moment of My Broken Heart.


Our bodies are intertwined, our eyes closed.

Time does not matter; reality has not caught up to the dream we are in.

We feel the depth of each other’s souls. The kind of moment neither of us have felt before. The perfect combination of all those scientific explanations.

Out of all the relationships that I have been in, all the broken hearts and stitches I have endured, this was the moment that made up for them all.

This was the final moment of my broken heart.

You see, before this moment I carried the pain of a thousand prisoners—prisoners that were beaten, trampled, starved and murdered. They weighed me down and opened my wounds.

I allowed my brokenness to live my life.

I followed it around like a puppy dog. I was ashamed, scared and isolated. I kept myself locked up in this painful world and threw the key into the fiery pits of hell.

I was the Prince who longed for his Princess. I was the one who needed a Fairy Godmother in my twisted fairy tale. One by one they came to me through the hollow walls; ladies of the night and ghosts of haunted past.

They seduced me and twisted my brain. They made me think they would save me and take me away. Instead they each burrowed deep into my flesh, hacking away at my heart. They left me weak, bloody and naked.

My cries were heard from high above and She plunged down to the depths of hell, retrieved the key and rescued me from my broken heart. She saved me, seconds before my last breath.

She healed my wounds and pasted my heart together again. She took the pain and cast it a million worlds away.

While I had longed for a Princess it was a Goddess found me.

I will never forget that final moment of my broken heart.

Many of us have lived this story. To those of us who have found true love, these words travel deep into our heart.

Men: if you have a Goddess in your life then don’t treat her like a princess. Treat her like the Goddess she is. We tend to overlook the sacrifice our significant other has made for us. We get wrapped up in our smart phone or Google Calendar and forget the most important thing of all—Love. Make every second count. Miss every moment not spent together. Kiss her lips as if they were dripping with the most delicate, sweetest liquid of mankind.

Ladies: if you accept the bare minimum then don’t complain he is not good enough. Fight for what you have earned and don’t take no for an answer. As adults we make our own decisions and will suffer for the mistakes we have made. This world is too short to drown in our failures, pull the plug and swim into the ocean. Don’t keep yourself trapped and miserable.

They say that there are bigger fish in the sea, well I can tell you the big fish don’t live in the dirty fish bowl.

Break free so you can also have the Final Moment of Your Broken Heart!



Dear Broken Heart: Please put the Knife Down.


Author: Tim Foster

Editor: Sarah Kolkka

Image: CarlosVarela/Flickr

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